Optimal Performance Program RIDING: Shine! With Anna & Leo

GOOD QUALITY RIDING done in a way that gives everyone FUN & lights their INNER LIGHT!

Because we believe that horse riding is for awakening light from within, and not for satisfying human ego.


This course is meant for ORDINARY HORSES & ORDINARY RIDERS, who long for EXTRAORDINARY sensations, lightness in the body and mind, and a great mutual feel after each training session.


This course is designed for all riders and all horse owners who ride their horses. You don’t have to be a dressage or jumping rider to join, nor you need a fancy horse with a great pedigree. I wholeheartedly invite to join ALL RIDERS who dream to have fun-filled adventure with their horses. If you do, this course is FOR YOU!


Many people do not commit to dressage, because they believe that either dressage is not for their horses, or that they won’t need it. Some don’t take a step in because they feel it’s too complicated and they don’t even know where to start from and how to guide it from there. Other people don’t even commit to horse riding because they fear that it won’t be something their horses would enjoy. Some other people have started riding their horses, and they have experienced that after initial fun later on the training gets more and more serious and the connection between them and their horses gets more and more lost, and fun is forgotten. This course is for you as well.

I will show you that horse riding is MAGIC and that dressage is just a way in which you can join & start to surf this magical wave together with your horse.

You will experience horse riding & dressage that is accessible, easy, FUN, light and a soothing physical experience both for your horse, and for yourself.


We will start from scratch – riding straight lines, turns and making transitions and we will take off from there.

I will be there with you, guiding you throughout the whole course with my REGULAR HORSE – LEO (jumping pedigree horse) and you will experience together with me how this ORDINARY HORSE becomes an EXTRAORDINARY horse and a great riding companion!


You will be amazed to discover what a difference good training, based on the principles of relaxation, fun, and lightness, can bring to your ordinary horse, and you will be amazed how it turns it into the extraordinary pegasus that you both deserve (to have one & to be one!).



This course is my dream coming true. I was thinking for a very long time about making a course for REGULAR HORSES and regular riders, for those who — just like me — don’t have $$$ to buy ready-made powerhouse horses, and have to do everything themselves with normal horses without huge predispositions and a fancy dressage pedigree under their belt. This course is means for riders who like to spend more time polishing details until getting that perfect feel of lightness and unity, and who love to fine-tune and get pleasure from doing simple things in an extraordinary way. If you feel what I am saying here, this course is for you.

I feel that more and more people are discourage to commit to dressage training because it feels very complicated, and the starting-point’s bar is being raised higher and higher each year. In the world where breeding is running on octane fuel and the new spectacular horses are being “made” each year, in the world where riders are getting ready-made horses worth millions of euros — it feels almost discouraging for a regular person with a regular horse to step on this journey and to not feel funny or like they do not fit. I will show you that you both: FIT & SHINE thanks to the lightness and quality of what you do and who are you made to become with this type of beautiful training. You can be EXTRAORDINARY, because the EXTRAORDINARY comes from within!

This course is meant for those riders who don’t have aspirations for ribbons, but whose hearts long for unity, oneness and flow. It is for those who, if they choose to compete, they want to show something truly beautiful, and not to just “win points”. It is for those of you who want to achieve ease and relaxation, and experience first hand how all dressage exercises emerge from this place, simply BECAUSE DRESSAGE IS MAGIC. I will introduce you to this magic and I will be there to guide you hand in hand and step-by-step so you become best friends with it.

This course is meant for riders who dream about riding their horses in a way that makes them connected, beautiful, easy, straight and flowing. Who want to ride in a way that makes them laugh and in which every training session is a victory for the horse, making him feel special and confident. 

This course is going to be full of humour, fun, show-casing and going step by step — from unsuccessful canter attempts and struggles to ride a straight line, to first counter canter departures and flying changes, from the weak horse & the horse who doesn’t move forward so much (this was our case!) — to the truly happy athlete who enjoys movement in relaxation, bounce and flow and SHINES FROM WITHIN! 

It’s going to be a lighthearted course for all who, just like me, dream about this incredible connection, lightness, laughter when riding their horse but who also want to give through this riding something back to their horses: relaxation, better body awareness, better feel of the body, confidence and courage that comes with a healthy, agile and strong body and a content mind that is totally at ease!