THE ENERGY, Self-Study Program



There are many magical things you can experience in your Life, and the experience of the Energy, to me, is the most magical and most special of them all. The Energy is not communicating, it is neither telepathy, nor the horse responding to something in you. The Energy is not you “rising” your energy by waving the sticks or moving in any special way.

The Energy is the living being that constructs the world, that the Universe is built of. With this powerful Workshop you can experience it with the guiding help of your horse.

During this Workshop you will experience that The Energy is alive and that the essence of your horse’s Life is to share this experience with you. It is the most moving workshop I am giving Online, and a very special experience to all that had it.

The Energy has infinite intelligence and power.
The Energy tells us that nothing in the universe needs our fixing or help.
The Experience of the Energy shows us that Life is about surrendering,
and that it is enough to understand to support.

And that to support, is to love.

Duration: 4 Weeks