BodyMarc DUO: Expanding Body Awareness for Horses: Self-Study Program

A PERFECT GEM for all BodyMarc practitioners around the world, for the Body Awareness Seekers and people who wish to find a deeper bond with their horses…

For owners of young, adult and senior horses, for healthy horses and horses in time of injury, for horses who are in professional training and horses who don’t do a thing except of keeping company their owners…

A VERY RICH, innovative material of over 5 hours of videos, accompanying eBook, and Workshop materials with exercises explained step by step, and 2 LIVE STREAM SESSIONS for BodyMarc and BodyMarc Duo with your human partner (it’s a totally new experience that you have never heard of, even if you are very advanced in BodyMarc practice).

…Something that I have been working on since Autumn 2016….
My baby, my gem, my biggest insight on how to broaden your BodyMarc experience onto your time with your horse DIRECTLY, for this year…

I am literally smiling and teary at this very moment, because this Class means so much to me, was created in such a lightness and pure guidance from the Nature, everything here just came to me and made all the puzzles and things I didn’t know how to pass on to you in the pure form CLEAR, SIMPLE and POSSIBLE.

This Class is something that was meant to be for me in this year, and today it’s my biggest pleasure to share it with all of you.

We have already a group of 40 people who are starting this Class 1st May 2017 and if you want to join us, you are more than welcome to do so. It will be so much FUN!!!



We all know that Body Awareness is absolutely crucial when it comes to having the most beautiful, round and graceful movements.

We also understand that Body Awareness is necessary to be able to use the body in an effective way, and to take advantage of it’s full capability.

It makes me thinking: Why then most of the training is not dedicating any time to expanding horses’ Body Awareness? Why so much of the commonly understood “training” is based on repetitions and corrections that make the movements permanent and destroy self confidence? Why so many advanced dressage movements are initiated by tricks that put the horse’s body in the “similar” position to the one we want to guide them to develop (and we hope that the horse will somehow “get it” on the way). Why so much training is done quickly, aiming to teach new things within few days, hours and minutes if we know that any stress, even this connected with doing “positive training” and wanting your horse to improve quickly, shrinks awareness and makes possibility of learning new things smaller?

Or do we only need their bodies?

With the Self Study Course Expanding Body Awareness for Horses I want to introduce you to the new way of thinking about the horses’s bodies and movements. It is time to go beyond bio-mechanics, and discover that horses do have brains, will, motivation and are experiencing pleasure coming from becoming more and more agile and self-aware.

I AM BLOWN AWAY by the deep, deep dressage lessons my horses wish to share with all of us in this Course.

It gives me true shivers to observe my horses becoming the master of their bodies and uniting with them like the true YOGIS that discovers their strength, abilities and coordination on their way to yoga.

Yesterday, Furious Dancer literally put me on my knees showing another gate through Body Awareness to flying changes:

1. Find your balance in piaffer,
2. Master the change of the front legs coming out of levade,
3. Unite all with the hind legs in collected canter.


Can you find it in any book?!?!!

– NO, because it’s not written by a human, but by the horse!

And my Body Awareness for Horses Class is written FULLY by horses … to other horses!

We can know ALL about teaching dressage movements to horses, but we know NOTHING about their actual preferences of how to access the movements in a way that would base on their vision of their talents and the level of understanding and mastering their awareness and balance.

I absolutely LOVE my Body Awareness for Horses Self Study Course, in which I explain in detail how to start this journey with your horse and how YOU can help your horse to become the YOGI of his body.