OneHorseLife Bridle



I LOVE IT when the equipment with it’s simplicity and raw elegance complements the PURE BEAUTY of the horse.

OneHorseLife Bitless Bridle is one of the kind to me. It complements the beauty of the horse, because it’s careful design comes from my pure wish to allow your horse to shine. It’s like a golden frame on the precious painting: when put on the horse it makes the horse even more complete, and not tamed.

It’s 100% hand-made out of the best quality leather to match the beauty of your horse, as the golden frame has to match the beauty of an incredible paining. It’s so special when the bridle looks absolutely stunning from any chosen angle. The true beauty is like a crystal; it breaks the light and exposes us to the new tastes of visual-pleasure from all the angles it is observed. OneHorseLife Bitless Bridle works the same way.

My wish is to share this piece-of-art Bitless Bridle only with chosen people, who love horses and most of all want to complement and empower their horse’s TRUE LIGHT with everything they do. Therefore I kindly ask you to send me an e-mail at before you buy. Our policy is to talk before sell, because our wish is to share this special bridle only with people who share our LOVE for horses. My heart would break in half seeing any horse being abused or mis-treated in this bridle. It’s not your judgement, but a call of the heart that we decided to follow regarding the selling policy. Thank you for your understanding.

OneHorseLife Bitless Bridle comes together with my love.
I would love my love to support you and your horse on your path.