Every single day OneHorseLife Students, Supporters and followers send me their words full of gratitude and amazement for all the small and big changes that happened to them because of OneHorseLife…

Please, find a moment and read how other people changed themselves with the gentle support of OneHorseLife, and how this decision lead to positive changes that happened and reflected in them, their horses and in their whole lives.

I had a ‘new experience’ while riding Pony just a few days ago and I feel that grew from Body Marc practice. I have witnessed that Body Marc has allowed me to become more aware of how my body is influencing the horse and that is where I want to ‘live’ while riding. It’s a feeling that I am more in my body than my head. From there arose a ‘Moment of Realization’ that my aids began to feel beautiful and in that moment I knew that is how I want to ride from here on in. So my theory is if it feels beautiful to me it could feel beautiful to Pony, if not today, perhaps tomorrow or the day after. . . But. . . If it feels ugly today, how could it feel beautiful tomorrow. . . I think the great old masters must have known this.


Gerri Schelini, BodyMarc student, Canada


Dear Anna, today I had a wonderful walk in the evening sun with my two ponies. For the first time I walked in full Calmness and felt my True Self but also Our True Us! It was pure Magic. Thank you Anna, for showing us the path to this Wonderful Place to be. And thank you Dear Horses for lighting it up!


Sonia Philips, OneHorseLife follower


There’s an old country song that saids,
“If you mind your own business you’ll be busy all the time.”
The older I grow the more meaning I get from sayings I heard as a kid.
For the past 2 1/2 years I have been learning about myself, reflecting on why things make me mad, angry, tired, joyful, happy or childish, through the guidance of some wonderful people Anna Marciniak, Paweł Marciniak and their heaven sent programs OneHorseLife and BodyMarc and my greatest teacher RBD Lumi’s Sweet Dream. Because of them answers flow to me all the time, always keeping me busy in the lightest fun ways. I am accepting myself as myself. Peeling stickers off everyday. Learning who I really am is not a quick lesson, it isn’t happening over night, I don’t just read one book and I am fixed, it’s too deep for a quick fix. I’m finding myself opening deeper and deeper finding new hidden emotions that need to be accepted so I can grow and move forward.
Today I had another eye opening lesson.
It’s cold outside so I put on some gloves before I took hay to the herd. As I tossed the hay in different places I saw a broken pipe, I said Thank you for the guidance of finding it so that no harm came to the horses. Then I went to pick it up but it wasn’t easy because the gloves prohibited me from being able to grab the broken pieces with my fingers but it was too cold for me to take off the gloves so I struggled with the gloves getting in the way of my fingers. I finally got all the pipe up but it was done the hard way and like a bright shining light I received a beautiful message, “This is what Anna and Pawel are teaching me/us. The glove is the fake self we put around ourselves because we believe we need the protection against judgment but then we hide our true self to the point of making things harder and take longer to achieve. And maybe we will still get a horse to do what we have in our minds to do but it will take longer and be forced. But if we take off the glove and become who we really our, naked and bare to openness and acceptance things will flow smoothly. And yet at the same time it’s ok to put a protective barrier on if it is needed to protect ourselves against fakeness but never to the point of losing ourselves. We should always take it off as soon as it is safe again!”
I walked to each of the horses and Tag and gave them all an honest, Hello and Grateful touch. Myself is opening more and more everyday, every moment, Thank you Anna and Pawel and all my OHL family for being here supporting me through my growth. ♥️


Bonnie Geary, OneHorseLife student, USA

When Anna asked if I would write a testimony about my weekend stay with her and her horses, I thought, how on earth am I going to do that, how on earth can I possibly explain in words what I learned that weekend! I could write about what I did with the horses; the balanced steps, the calm with me, the transitions, the playing with energy, but that’s just words, and doesn’t explain what I took away with me.

The wonderful Cour, whose heart is so big I cannot believe it doesn’t burst right out of his chest, took me hand in hoof and showed me calmness and the beginnings of energy in the most beautiful, trusting, soul uplifting way. He made me giggle like a child, and when I wasn’t quite calm enough or wasn’t sharing my energy in the right way, he patiently waited for me to understand.

The beautiful Cadeu, who reminds me so much of my mare, taught me about trust, and not “wanting” something to happen, just listening, connecting and enjoying. Connection with Cadeu feels like a privilege, and as soon as you try to hold it with grasping hands it’s gone – she taught me to keep my mind light and open and joyful.

The magnificent Furious shared with me that my energy is light but my calmness wavers. He reminded me that when I wobble, or become worried, my energy is confusing and the connection is broken. Everything must start from calmness.

And that’s just what I gained from the horses, let alone the people.

I still hear Paweł saying “It is simple…” from time to time, like a statement in my mind. Pawel has the capability to ground you with a few words. And he also shows you how to crack walnuts with your bare hands…

And Anna. Gosh. Where to start. The pyjama walk is my doorway into calmness (ask her about it!), and I know from the number of times we both squealed with delight at the same time that she understood my journey every step of the way. I can’t begin to describe the support she gives, with a touch, or an instruction, or an exhalation of breath.

What it’s changed between my horse and I, I can’t explain, and haven’t been able to explain even to Anna. It is deeply, deeply personal. Suffice to say that I understand completely why Trifle and I had reached the place we were at. We liked each other but no longer trusted each other or had faith in each other. And that kind of relationship stresses the heck out of both parties. It’s going to take some time to rebuild “us”, but now I know how – it all starts and finishes with calmness.

What else can I say. Get your pyjama walk on!!! x”


and smile!

OneHorseLife student who visited Anna and Pawel in Poland

Thank you so much, Anna, for your gift to all of us of BodyMarc! You have truly changed my life with Calmness Based Life and now giving us BodyMarc is just phenomenal!!! I am so thankful for your generosity and also for your techniques coming into my life at the perfect time. I didn’t realize how much I had been searching for the inner peace that I have found and I can not wait to expand this. Thank you again and blessings to you in this new year!


BodyMarc student

Hi Anna, I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and everyone here for all the love and support you have all given us in this very stressful time. Kain is still with us and slowly getting better each day. Our wonderful vet is confident that he will make it through but it will be a long process of healing. He is showing good progress each day and now is even growing hair and getting pigment back in some places. Let’s pray that 2016 is a great year and Kain goes from strength to strength. Bless you all xxx

Kass Dalitz, Australia

Thank you for the Christmas gift of BodyMarc Anna! I started implementing it last night and this morning and really felt a shift in my body and my mind. I’m really looking forward to this new year and finding Calmness in my life on a daily basis.

Every year I choose a word to support me during the year, I do this instead of having new year resolutions. I find that choosing a word helps me to stay focused and on track with my goals in a positive and supportive way.

This year I chose “Calm” as my word  You inspired this choice for me in all that you do! Thank you thank you!!

Mindy Schroder, Sweden, USA BodyMarc student

I am very happy to have my horses at home and to have found some amazing resources on the internet to help me. What I wasn’t expecting was to find – through my computer – a way to develop a deeper connection with my horses, but thanks to OHL that is what has happened.
When Loreal first arrived with me she was scared of everything, she was like a wild, almost unhandled horse. She didn’t know how to pick up her feet, even though she was shod, you couldn’t touch her ears, she didn’t know about leading and she was frequently on her back legs with her front legs above my head height, she would panic and bolt for no apparent reason, I had been face down in the dirt several times and felt her hind feet brushing very close to my face as they came whistling towards me. There was zero connection between us.
I had a couple of very good trainers tell me that she was dangerous, but I didn’t want to hear it, I could feel something very lovely inside this beautiful horse that I wanted to connect with and get to know better. I instinctively knew that it was never going to happen using any kind of force or pressure whatsoever. I assumed that clicker training would be the answer (I was already a fairly experienced clicker trainer), but soon discovered that even that seemed to be too much for her in the beginning.
When I joined the first OHL online class I started to learn that I needed to change. The first thing I learned about was the OHL calming technique.
I had had so many ‘near misses’ with Loreal and when she would suddenly react to something I couldn’t see, I wasn’t really calm anymore. The OHL calming technique enabled me to stay calm even in what would previously have been a stressful situation. It has turned into so much more than that though and recently I have started to feel like we really trust one another (I never thought I would be able to say that!). The random flightiness has decreased considerably and now on the odd occasion when she does react suddenly I no longer feel an adrenaline rush and (as Anna told me I would some time ago) I can just laugh at it. Yippee that is so cool, I thought I was losing my nerve on the ground, but Loreal and OHL have shown me that the deepest connection is based on calmness and then the trust between you can really grow and grow.

Judy Kelly, OneHorseLife U.K. Teacher

“I am an educated body therapist for both humans and horses and have spent many years in body therapy to heal myself. Since some years I feel very grateful for everything in my life but I know there is more to experience! I am so grateful to you since you put your wisdom out in the world for everyone and you are leading me in a new direction in my life 

Yesterday I experienced something truly wonderful. I am sensing a shift now from reacting when my horse chooses something else than I have planned to curiosity, it has been even more clear since the day we took the walk with my mum.

Yesterday I started to observe myself instead of my horse when he stopped and realised I had no patience at all… not in that situation. During the waiting I took the decision to take off the halter (we were in the paddock) and then he started to follow me… suddenly I just got the feeling to see if he was up for a trot. And he was!!! It was the most beautiful start into trot I have ever seen, it was like he lifted off the ground. I felt totally relaxed in my belly. It was like I saw and felt my horse’s wonderful and powerful spirit.

I remembered how many times he has showed me that he does not want the halter, that he will follow me if I take it off… Why did I keep forgetting? This experience was like a sliding door for me. So strange to go from being stuck to be completely free. And all I changed was actually me… I do not know exactly how it happened, but now I know it is there…

Thank you again for being you  I am looking forward to the BodyMarc class!!!”

B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Training Student

Dear Anna and Pawel!!!
I want to THAK YOU for the amazing time you spent with us last week! Time full of NEW experiences and knowledge!
It’s unforgettable feeling when your horses start to replying to my signals doing magic things (which Anna simply called education .
It’s amazing to see how your horses are proud of themselves doing everything full of energy and fun. There is new, and very deep experiences comes from BodyMarc sessions (which we plan to continue with all my family).  I was searching and searching the way I want to follow with my horses… And NOW I have 100% confidence – I FOUND IT! Counting an hours to meet you again!!!

Natalia Galaktionova, Russia, about visit to Poland

After a incredible weekend with Anna and Pawel Marciniak. I really felt like taking the time to let everything sink in.
If I would only have one sentence to describle the whole weekend I should say, It felt like I came home. After a long way of having doubd searching and overthinking. This was really all the confirmation I needed. I came home in a really warm safe house where everything looked so obvious. Anna really knows how to release every expectation you have of yourself and your horse. Everytime a new subject arrived where I had tensions about, she was there to tell me everytime the good news. There is always a way to trust more, open more, ENJOY every moment, step, and feeling. Happiness is the true anwser to everything.
Having trust in the process and that everything will announce when you are ready for it.
No action is required from you nor your horse and that is the best and realeasing thing for me :) I don’t want to push myself or make things happen, I want them to unfold effortlessly.
Please everybody who does not know Anna Marciniak, you will benefit tremendously from everything she and her husband Pawel Marciniak teaches. No more horsemanship for me, this is where I’am going for.

Mandy Lome, who visited our Clinic in Belgium in June 2016

Sunshine exploring leg lifts for Spanish Walk .
She is very happy on OneHorseLife & for the first time in my life I truly know with all my inner being that I am on the right path.

I am coming home …. to know me!

Rosie & Sunshine have taken me here . I could kiss the ground you walk on ! 🍓 😊

Anna & Pawel provide a continuing support for the peeling of my layers (through OneHorseLife courses) so that I can be all that I am. I think sometimes it is a tricky spot to be put in as the teacher – to know what is needed but realising the answer can only come through the student’s experience. It takes faith & courage on all sides ! 😃
Thankyou Andreia for screen-shotting the video moment. 😊

Donna Anderson, OneHorseLife Teachers Path student, Australia

For six years I’ve been looking for answers to our ‘saddling and girthing problem’. My horse, 8 years old, has been pinning his ears, kicking, biting, rearing and freaking out because of the saddle/girth. I’ve been kicked in the stomach, thrown off and just two months ago I had to go to the hospital because of a bite during saddling. I’ve been very afraid of saddling him and I’ve been avoiding saddling and riding all together for long periods.

Then I found Anna Marciniak and OneHorseLife. Now, this is what our saddling process looks like just three weeks into to her online “Start-up riding course” on a day with snow, horses and people walking by and an ATV driving up right behind us . Anna is an out-of-this-world trainer, and she’s not even physically with me. I’ve gotten to where we are by myself with Anna’s kind online guidance and my horse’s real live guidance. Enjoy! 

Anna’s response:  My dear Ane Bøiehøj, I could not be more proud of you. YOU DID IT! With the help of OneHorseLife’s Calmness, my daily support and BodyMarc techniques that helped to release the fear and stress from your body…YOU DID IT! Now the past is the past, and we can start to talk about it, because you can clearly see that your present moment and future are of totally different colours 

Ane Boiehoj, Denmark, about her experience in the Start-Up Riding course

A message from #BreakingFree Method Program Student:

“I was just getting calm and my horse was calming too, when one of the livery ponies ran through an open gate and caused a lot of commotion. My horse immediately ran to the fence to see / listen to what was going on. He became quiet alert and on edge. I noticed that I too became tense and frustrated and annoyed that we had been disturbed AGAIN! Then I remembered about the <BreakingFree Program TECHNIQUE> 😉>

My horse immediately came to investigate and follow me around the arena. The amazing thing was that he was more relaxed than normal and was walking around the [usually] scary side of the arena in the same relaxed fashion. The connection felt like 100%! (…) We walked a few changes of direction in complete calmness as well. All this just came from nowhere and hit me in the face! Also no treats in sight!”

I have to tell you one thing: there is no better feeling than FEELING STRONG because of EMPOWERING OTHERS !!! 😍 and this is my CORE reason of why I started teaching (except of being fed up with all the bad teachings that I saw being repeated over and over again).

More about the BreakingFree Method Program you will find here: https://onehorselife.com/pro…/breakingfree-method-with-anna/

Breaking Free student
The biggest Thank you to Anna Marciniak and Paweł Marciniak for having the guts to invite us to join together this weekend in Poland for Body Marc seminar. I feel that I have received so much already from the whole group and I look forward to more. I feel that I have had cappuccino lips these last two days and that my heart has grown a size bigger thanks to you all! I look forward to relaxing with my dear husband Sean Cahalane for another fews days before we return to our amazing family, kids and animals. Bon voyage to those who travel today! ☆☆☆☆☆

Lise Pedersen, OneHorseLife BodyMarc student, Ireland
Just returned from a fabulous Bodymarc course in Poland full of gratitude towards life and the future
Met such lovely people and had two great travel companions in Lise Pedersenand Sean Cahalane, we laughed from the first step together in the airport. Starting every morning with a refreshing swim, sauna, breakfast and a whole day full of bodymarc, bodymarc active and bodymarc asana with the guidance of Paweł Marciniak and Anna Marciniak, And Anna I can’t thank you enough for your words of wisdom and your generosity in so many ways 😘
Just visited my daughter to give her some of all this calmness and love and now my husband and animals need my attention 😍


Maria Blumenthal, OneHorseLife BodyMarc student, Ireland
A very (too late!) Happy Birthday, Anna! Here’s a picture of my wonderful unexpected! foal, born at 13th of April, a mare called Ilona. I hope to let her grow up with the pure Love and Calmness, as I learned from you. Giving her the choice of making contact, giving her a voice to express herself and teaching me to relax and let go. To enjoy and connect. To be our True Selves.


Sonia Philips, OneHorseLife follower
High on Emotion! When playing with Diablito this fantastic song from Chris De Burgh came into my head; High on emotion! Diablito has struggled with his back-problems, he was in fact so troubled that only a year ago he almost couldn’t gallop. And look at him now!!!  There have been several people involved with his recovery; but I would mainly thank three persons for this miracle; Horse chiropractor Hege Sværk Stenbråten, Horsetrainer Anna Marciniak and of course my brilliant partner and Hoof-expert Jon-Egil Kroken.


Anita Ingebriktsvold, OneHorseLife Teacher, Norway
And this is just one of the reasons why I have been studying with Anna for almost 2 years….truer words were never spoken….a technique, be it positive or negative reinforcement, is just that – a technique!…it’s what lies behind the ‘student of the horse’ using ‘said technique’…the results with your horse will be the same unless YOU make a change….a change to finding true self, a change to finding your authentic self, a change finding your true path (thank you truly Anna!) and a change to finding calmness and body awareness in yourself and within your horse…..thank you Anna from Rhett, Sage and me!!!!….


Karen Jones, OneHorseLife student about Anna’s discussion and article, BRIBERY, POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and LEARNING FROM A HORSE , USA
I am so amazed by Fabio! He is only 1 1/2 years old. (Pls ignore my tacky clothes, trimming hooves is a messy job) He wasn’t tied up, he was just eating hay with his sisters and Tag while I was sitting on a tree stump trimming his hoof. I have never ever ever trimmed his back foot before ever. He was a champion and I am so thankful and proud of him. He patiently waited for me to be done which took about an hour. 😊. Thank you Anna Marciniak with OneHorseLife.com for all your training with me so I can achieve such calmness in my horses.


Bonnie Geary, OneHorseLife student, USA
Anna, I treasure the time I spent studying with you and the group in the course last spring. I continue to learn so much from following your posts. Looking forward to taking another class with you soon. I love to share your site and posts with others so they too can see what is possible with this approach to human horse bonding.


Sandra Kerns, about B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Online Workshop student, USA

I had such a wonderful time at the recent BodyMarc seminar in Poland. I can feel a really huge difference in my body. Releasing so many tensions I didn’t even know were there.

I discovered that I had whole areas of muscle which were permanently switched on that I had no idea about, it was like they were so tight the whole area was numb and I had almost no feeling there until the tension was discovered and released and then I could actually feel that part of my body I almost didn’t know existed (how to increase body awareness with BodyMarc!).

At this seminar we also learned about the OHL BM Allowing Technique. We practiced this during our BM sessions and during the practice of BM Asanas and I was amazed and delighted to discover that my body really can move in new ways I was never able to achieve before, even though it is not quite as youthful as it once was. There really is no need to push or force any stretching of muscles, everything is possible with deep relaxation and the Allowing Technique and I never had even the slightest bit of stiffness or soreness afterwards which has never happened before when I have tried this kind of thing. I love it so much I have made it a part of my daily routine and I feel like I have a whole different body (in a very good way).

What was even more astounding was the immediate result of using the Allowing Technique during my BM practice. For more than 10 years I had an issue with someone allowing their animals to stray into my garden (in an area not safe for animals). Despite many discussions and offers to help fix the fence there was no change and it happened again while I was away.

Anna suggested I use the Allowing Technique, which I did on the day the straying was discovered and the very next day the electric fence was suddenly working. This is something I had been told was not even possible to fix, but suddenly it’s done, that’s not something I can understand, but I am very very happy to accept it. Pretty impressive for a first attempt with the Allowing Technique.

Thank you so much Anna and Pawel for sharing your amazing techniques with us, always done with so much reality and absolute love.

Judy Kelly, OneHorseLife BodyMarc practioner from U.K.
Today is a rainy day here and I woke up thinking hmm pefect to enjoy this new course in the stable, cosy and warm  as these experiences can be fulfilled everywhere.
That is so nice
Every moment now will be quality time!


Laura Knoops, OneHorseLife BodyMarc Duo: Expanding Body Awareness for Horses, Self Study Course student, Netherlands
I am loving Anna Marciniak (Onehorselife) newest BreakingFree Method Class. Today Catalina and I worked with an Umbrella 🌂. There are no words to express the freedom I felt during this lesson. Here are some pictures. In the beginning it is easy to see the tensions Catalina has with the umbrella but in the end she starts to follow me and she becomes clam.


Bonnie Geary, OneHorseLife Breaking Free student, USA

How do you know your path is right?

Im sure there are many ways but my favourite validation is Gobi who loves my teachers/guides (/ friends/ family members) Anna and Pawel so much that they are the only people he greets by basenji talking and looks them with such a deep gaze. Every time  Gobi says it all in gratitude and love  Gobi has known his “godparents” since he was 7 months old and no other human beings get such welcome and treatment from Gobi 

OHL it is – mostly because it allows me to be me and to become better me And my animals are grateful for my teachers helping me on this journey. More connected I am, more I understand them too 


Sari Kaipainen, OneHorseLife Teacher, Portugal
BreakingFree with Anna Marciniak. Learning to train My Way. I want to fulfill my purpose in life. I want to learn from each of my horses how to train them. I do not want to be a copy of someone else training. I want to stand on my side together with my horses standing on their own sides. It doesn’t matter if it is Liberty, Halter & Lead rope, Bit, Bitless, Treats, no Treats, Saddle or Bareback. What is important is that they have a choice. That I listen to their whispers. Catalina and I had a wonderfully light training session yesterday. I wanted to go forward with her in TOGETHERNESS. It only took a few minutes of listening in Calmness and then we had it! It felt amazing.


Bonnie Geary, OneHorseLife Breaking Free student, USA
I learn so much from Anna Marciniak and what she posts. It can be applied to every area of your life even if you aren’t a “horse person”


Molly B. Calvert, OneHorseLife follower, USA

Hello Beautiful Anna this has taken a while, and may just be a sequel event but I have finally found my words…. A Tribute to you and Cour d’Alaine to THANK YOU for the guidance that I will cherish now and forever!

The GIFT of GIVING that flows abundantly

The only gift I have for you, dear Anna, is the gift of OPENESS. To be truly and honestly OPEN to the experiences you and your horses had to show me whilst in Poland.

To be present, right here right now and OPEN like the waves that greet the Sandy shores!

First impressions of beautiful Cour d’Alaine… so sweet, so pure, so ready to teach. HE picked me and lead ME to something special. With frequent CALM and patient reminders of my tensions – “not like that”, he guided me so beautifully, washing away, like the rolling waves, the fears of starting conversations and to free my mind of the old habits.

To release myself from tensions by “shaking off the drops of rain from my shoulders”, an invaluable life lesson I take home with me today!

We stand together in CALMNESS, like the quiet lake on a breathless day….

I OPEN my heart to the thought of trot;
I TRUST; and
just like that we move together in UNITY, with PURPOSE like the rising tide.

I LET GO of any inclination and instantly we have one magnificent stride of canter.

My AWARENESS has grown and just like that beautiful Cour d’Alaine has shown me the GIFT of GIVING. Like beautiful strangers passing through the night we SMILE with gratitude and are THANKFUL for the moments we spent together!


Andreia Ho-Tong, OneHorseLife student from South Africa about her time in Poland with Anna
I am sharing my before and after horses pictures to show you what happens when you find your passion in life. I loved my life before horses, I was grateful for every moment I had, I didn’t need my horses to be happy but the things my horses have brought into my life have made all the changes in the world. Anna Marciniak (Onehorselife) and Paweł Marciniak BodyMarc Awareness and Lifestyle.
My advice to my daughter and to everyone on this earthly home, go find yourself! It’s a hard answer to find but it’s also so simple. Who are you? What makes you overwhelmed with Joy and Love and Gratitude? Do not worry about what others think, it’s not about them, it’s about you. John Lennon put it nicely, “It is never a waste of time, if you enjoyed it.”
Find your true self, you are not small, if you love mowing lawns, go mow lawns. Do you want to be a nurse? Go be a nurse! Maybe you just want to travel, go see the world! Nothing is too big or small! If you live your true life your light will shine bright for all to see. I have been asked so many times, Why Horses? What do they do? They are expensive and we don’t need horses to work for us anymore. Well, all I can say is, “I don’t know what they do but I am overwhelmed with Joy, Love and Gratitude when I am around them. And that’s enough for me.”
I believe the photos show it all. The before picture was 4 years ago. Thank you Pawel & Anna, my family and friends that support me, Sue Olson for my beautiful RBD Herd!


Bonnie Geary, OneHorseLife student
Yesterday i had a great day with my coach colleaques Liesbeth Jense and Ingrid. And a group of 24 people.
They want to learn more about connection with the help of the horses and our team. Ofcourse i learned a lot myself about receiving and giving.
I had a group of 8 great observers. And discoverd with each other that taking actions is an important part of the learning proces. We searched for taking pure actions that are started by intentions. But soon we noticed that tensions limit possibility of taking actions. We talked about calmness, what opens and what close people.
The horses we had, teached us. When we know how to BE, we also know how to DO. Alle actions are coming from the state of pure connected being.
At that point the people where really open to experience. And saw that experience will make the change and it is about how you are. This change is about BEING and not about DOING.
The group had the chalange to do the slalom and than go with the horse in the square. With experiencing that there is a difference between show yourself and excitement. And that movement together is an expression of shared awareness. The chalange was a big succes. Before we start with the chalange one lady asked if they have to do the challange inside the arena or outside, so i said thats ambitious. But at the end we noticed that being calm, open and connect an intention is enough and that an action can be effortless. Thank you Captain and Moby for sharing the wisdom. And I also want to thank Anna Marciniak and Paweł Marciniak for sharing there knowledge and let me experience, so I can share and let other people experience it.


Wendy Ten Wolde, OneHorseLife 1st MileStone Teacher from The Netherlands

On a lovely Sunday like this it’s easy to feel blessed ✨ Had an inspiring BodyMarc live session with Anna and Paweł (and of course with the other participants) on gratefulness before heading out with the puppy… Thank you  Being grateful on the gloomier days or situations is something to learn.


Katja Suhonen, about live BodyMarc session

How grateful I am to found my way to Onehorselife.
To found the beginning of what it means to live in the reality. To feel the difference between imagination and reality.
To truly learn from my body, what supporting my body, taking care and listening to it means.

Thank you Anna, thank you Paweł 
This is the beginning of a wonderful real life 

When you are stuck in your thoughts in your everyday life, when you repeat the same pattern in your life over and over again and you want to leave this circle.
If you want to open yourself for so much more
For actions, your mind could never even dream about

Let us all go out and make it happen. Onehorselife is for everyone.


And also thank you for being so inspirational for me, for everyone. I feel so much love for all of you 

Valerie Ca, OneHorseLife student from Germany

Just as Loreal and I entered the school together there was suddenly a great commotion going on in my neighbours fields which adjoin 2 sides of the school. There were people shouting/yelling/whistling loudly, dogs running and barking everywhere and a large group of horses all panicking and galloping around (including 2 right next to my school).

Before OHL, I would have had to quickly turn around and get away from all of the excitement as Loreal would definitely have joined in and most probably I would have lost her (she had been known to jump out over the fence). But since following OHL right from the beginning, we are both able to stay much calmer in these kind of situations and we just stood and watched for about 10minutes until everything calmed down.

Judy Kelly, OneHorseLife student from U.K.

I felt so happy he TOOK HIS OWN INITIATIVE TO MOVE since that has been a huge issue for us…

Yesterday was amazing in many ways! Viggo took the initiative to leave the pen and go to the paddock and stable without halter. Before I joined your class this almost never happened but now when I have started to wait more for him it happens more often 😃 When we did Calm With Me [exerxise] suddenly I felt so happy and got a big smile on my face when Viggo was curious about me. It was real and coming from my inside and again so unexpected.

We played on a field in liberty. I could set boundaries when Viggo pushes me with his shoulder (a very old habit of his) but some times I saw he choose not to  I gave room for many breaks and sometimes Viggo decided to start trotting all by him self. I rewarded a lot and felt so happy he took his own initiatives to move since that has been a huge issue for us.

I must say I felt a lightness the whole session.

When I decided to stop the session Viggo was standing relaxed with his lips also relaxed. I was stunned!

I am so happy to see him present and relaxed. I really try to change and I can see Viggo is changing. He is able to be himself and not having to protect himself. I also realised I had not forced him once or feeling dissapointed in the result or wishing for something else than what happened.

Thank you Anna!!!!!! 💗

B.A.S.E. Kick Start training student

A ride about following my tensions, awaking beauty. And finding my own voice😉 Thank you Anna Marciniak and Pawel Marciniak.

Wendy ten Wolde, OneHorseLife 1st MileStone Teacher from The Netherlands

Anna, thank you so much for listening to the desires of your soul and creating OneHorseLife. The BASE training has transformed me in the last couple of months. It is creating the heaven I have longed for with my horses!! They are SO happy to work, connect and offer various movements. Thank you 🌷🌸🌺

Ashley Ford Gayhart, about B.A.S.E Kick Start

Dream has her new Bitless Bridle! This was custom made by OneHorseLife.com just for Dream. There is a beautiful pair of reins too, but with the heat I just did a quick try-on and off with a few pictures in between. Thank you so much Anna Marciniak it’s perfect.

Bonnie Geary, about her new Bitless Bridle

I AM OFTEN ASKED if what we do with horses is spiritual development. I say NO. What we do is REALISTIC DEVELOPMENT.

This means that all the changes, growth and effects that you will see in your Life with your Horse are real. You can see them, measure them, you can really experience them in Reality and not only in your head and wishful thinking:

“I think it was about 9 months ago, I wrote to Sari {OneHorseLife Teacher Path Trainer for Finland} and asked her what I should do when my horse Corredor was running away from me (in the paddock) like crazy, though I thought I was relaxed and happy, even singing when I was coming to get him.

Sari adviced me to sign up for the BodyMarc Self-Study Course.

Now Corredor comes, sometimes even trotting towards me when I come to his paddock. It’s such AN OCEAN OF DIFFERENCE since then.

All the JoinAnna videos give a lot of inspiration and awareness of what there is to aim for. I am so grateful to you Anna Marciniak and Paweł Marciniak (and Sari) for having found you.”

I got a teary eye getting this testimony today.
When a student measures her change in AN OCEAN OF DIFFERENCE the teacher knows that her work WORKS.


Student of Sari Kaipainen, about BodyMarc and JoinAnna

I cannot remember the last time I have cried this much than during the last BodyMarc session talking about GRATITUDE that just finished.

I have never felt so understood, never felt so supported, so comforted (and comforting!),never felt so joined to other souls than now. My t-shirt is literarily soaking wet from tears of relief and joy – and GRATITUDE

Being in a position to be honestly grateful for the Death of Romi (still the biggest loss I ever faced, this includes all dear humans passed away)- thanking the shooter for killing her is beyond any goal I thought I could ever reach. In smaller scale I am grateful for all pain, heartache, sickness and losses – not just in words, but with love. Oh, and not to mention the billion little miracles I see every day – for those I’m grateful with lightness and smile and with some hello kitty stickers 

Thank you Anna and Paweł for been the beacons of reality and making us all feel like WE BELONG


Sari Kaipainen, Portugal, about BodyMarc Gratefulness Live Session

Dear Anna and Pawel!!! I want to express my Big Gratitude for the Magician, Unforgettable time me and my family have spent at your place!!! Honestly speaking I had a feeling before the visit that my life will be changed!!! And it was!!!! What a magic transformation I have!!! And continue to have with my horse!!! It’s really another WORLD!!! World of trust, love and fun through connection!!! It was transformational experience with deep BodyMarc sessions with Pawel, it was amazing connection with Anna’s beautiful, wise and open horses who are ready to help and to guide!!!! Thank YOU for your love, patience and support!!! We are all counting an hours to visit you again!!!

Natalia Galaktionova, Russia, about visit to Poland

I am blown away by the content in Anna Marciniak’s BASE training course and I am only half way through. Watching her training videos is empowering.
I was scrolling through my feed last night and saw old school training being done and couldn’t even bear to watch it long.
I am so excited to learn more about positive reinforcement, and activating my horse’s curiosity and personal empowerment!
Ahhh I can’t get enough but have to be up early…

Anna’s reply:  WOW! Thank you for your words!! I am just super happy to learn that you are enjoying this journey, and BASE Kick-Start is such a special course, as it opens the gate to Calmness and everything that later we build on at OneHorseLife (the Energy, Touch to Calm, BodyMarc Duo / BodyMarc with your Horse, etc… ❤ Enjoy and have FUN!!! ❤? I am here shall you have any questions on the journey!

Ashley Ford Gayhart, USA, about experience of B.A.S.E. Kick Start course

OneHorseLife never stops surprising me. Today I got a VERY big surprise from Anna and Darcy ( who was just a baby horse a short while ago). I got to ride Darcy who is a horse who taught me some of the biggest lessons of my life last year. I felt like a kid riding the first time, bursting with happiness and awe!! THANK YOU

Sari Kaipainen, Portugal, about her experience with one of Anna’s young horses
Jameson is a smart and athletic horse. He is eager to learn and can have a long attention span, especially for a youngster. But his confidence is fragile. If I push him too far too fast, he starts to show displaced behaviors (basically unwanted behaviors like kicking and rearing as a result of anxiety). I knew this sensitivity was a possibility about him due to his grand-sire’s traits (KWPN stallion Jazz). Therefore, I am committed to taking my time and working up to things so Jameson stays calm and confident.
Today I was super proud of him. The video shows how we used the cloverleaf and the OneHorseLife Calming Technique (thanks Anna Marciniak) to have a wonderful experience off the home farm. He was calm with the other horses in the arena with him (a first) and was brave to walk near a fire and touch a sign under a flapping American flag.

Response from Anna:  Beautiful experiences Molly Young. When you notice in Calmness how your inner states are reflected on the outside of you, you have in your hands the biggest power in the world. The power of change.

Molly Young, USA, about her experience of using OneHorseLife Calming Technique
Good morning Anna I just finished watching your live stream about liberty and liberation I am shaking right now I had a moment with my horse this week that was very profound I stood back no I took off all equipment that I had on him and I stood back and I watched him walk relaxed just his head to the ground sniffing walking very calmly and then I thought to myself can I ask him to walk in the direction I would like him too so he stopped at the door to leave the arena and I got his attention and I nodded with my head in the direct that I wanted him to move he turned and looked at me turned back I asked him again and he walked in that direction all around the arena and then he stopped his head was to the ground sniffing relaxed I got his attention again so I asked him to turn in another direction without talking without pointing he was at least 30 or 40 feet away from me and Anna he did it I was so blown away he is very reactive horse or should I say sensitive horse he can feel everything from me so he was walking again and I felt can you Trot I put this feeling in side of me and took one step toward him and he did the most beautiful trot that I have ever seen him do I was smiling and filled with joy. I can’t believe people are talking about the video with you when your horse on the lunch line your horse is looking at you with admiration feeling wonderful in his body I love that video they do not understand what you are achieving keep doing what you’re doing Anna it is so inspiring to see the awareness coming out from the horse that humans can have liberation i’m sorry Anna I do not know what a hashtag is thank you Susan.

Response from Anna:  Hello Susan Mousa, what beautiful experiences you are having with your horse, enjoy them all and let them lighten up your days! ? What we seek in OneHorseLife are the moments of expanded awareness when we see how our inner states are changing everything around you, even one such moment in Life can change our perspective towards everything forever and I already can see from your post that you had many of them :) enjoy!

Susan Mousa, USA, about her experience after watching Live Session on Liberty and Liberation
Hello Anna! As promised, here is Bear and I testing out our beautiful OneHorseLife bridle ❤ he loves it as much as I do! Thank you so much xx One day we hope for you to visit us at Peacefields and we would be so proud to host a clinic.

A FOLLOW-UP message from Isabelle West about her experience with OneHorseLife Bitless Bridle – Hello  I just have to send ONE MORE message to thank you for our bridle. I feel like since have been riding in it, we have gone from lightness to floating!! I can’t tell you how much closer I feel to Bear and how relaxed and responsive he is. It really proves that you can only achieve true lightness if you first OFFER the horse true lightness. We are just starting half steps in hand, and we are doing it all in the bridle. Hacking out and cantering through the woods in it – I just love it. Thank you Anna xxx

Isabelle West, about OneHorseLife Bitless Bridle
Dear Anna! I have received Muckos bitless bridle! It’s so beautiful with all the lovely details and one can see the crafty hands and the passion it was made with ?❤!!! (…) Mucko looks so beautifully handsome with the bridle ??! I’m so happy ?❤??. Thanks again so much!!

Priya Ender, about OneHorseLife Bitless Bridle
Lining up at the mounting block is great when it’s solid – when your horse is happy to be mounted and ridden and willingly puts himself into position for you to get on, it’s like a dream~~~
9+ months ago, Rhett wouldn’t let me even sit or stand on the mounting block without leaving the area…..his trauma around saddles, saddling and even the bareback pad was apparent ….after finding myself in Anna’s BASE, Energy, Touch to Calm Courses, the Individual Learning Path Course and now the Riding Course, here is where Rhett and I find ourselves today…..I had already ridden for about an hour and I had walked back over to the mounting block to retrieve my things…. Thank you Anna!!!…..

Karen Jones, USA, about OneHorseLife Courses
Dino got his feet done today by greatest Marie Dahlén. Onehorselife foalclass start to pay off with a horse as has easier to know and understand what we expect from him. We did five sequences, to make sure it was fun for him, and it was a big difference in calmness towards last time. Not all horses come everytime you call them, to pick up their feet. And then not want to leave. Anna Marciniak! Thank you!

Elisabeth Blomgren, Sweden, about OneHorseLife Foal Class
The human species is poised, hovering on the brink of a great leap in consciousness. There are many powerful teachers emerging, all sharing wonderful tools to aid the human race in their journey of ever increasing awareness. There are no greater teachers available in this subject than Anna and Pawel Marciniack. The Body Marc Practice that they are now sharing with the world is so simple, so user friendly. So accessible. We all have a body. To be in their company during their live streaming sessions is both a privilege and a joy. I am so happy that I have begun to study with them both. Thank you Anna Marciniak and Paweł Marciniak xxx.

Kate Davies, UK, about her experiences with BodyMarc Practice
I have experienced deep joy. I have experienced a deep connection with one horse in particular. And I have realigned completely with my purpose. Deep gratitude.

Karen Osborn, Australia, about her experiences with BodyMarc Live Session:
Dear Anna,

It’s almost a year now that I’m a part of the OHL family, and what a great year of change it has been!

I remember the words of you for the BASE course, you wrote ‘be open for change’ and WOW what a year of change, discovery, realizations and wonders it became.

For example, I can really see my horse as my teacher now, and he shows me how to connect me with the rest of the world. I releases and discover so much tensions last year and found out more how life is working together with all.

BodyMarc amazes me every time! You guide me wonderfully through every step at my own pace.

It’s funny, I wrote to you the last time and said that it takes a wile before I can ask you for BodyMarc week 11 exercises because of moving to the new house. It has to be this way because I discovered my awareness shrinking, and I became aware of this since the live BodyMarc sessions. Reading my questions back I giggle because I know exactly the answers when I am calm again. I now really feel and understand more ONE LIFE! Everything is connected and whole, and what a good name OneHorseLife is ✨

I send you and Pawel lots of love ❤❤ what if we calm even more!


Annet, OneHorseLife Student from the Netherlands
It amazes me how much you know what I need. All the things I learn here feel so pure like I already know it or something. Of course I don’t know it but it feels a bit like coming home.
Lieke van Gemert, OneHorseLife Foal Class participant
Initially what you said resonated with me, but at the same time did not make sense. Today, that is a very different story. Now everything you say makes perfect sense and nothing that I know from before makes any sense anymore.
OneHorseLife follower that wishes to stay anonymous
Dear Anna, long time no see. Unfortunately today when the live BodyMarc Session starts I am exactly in the middle of the concert, as always on Saturdays. But you must know: I follow you everywhere, I listen and watch everything you and Pawel are posting, I am doing BodyMarc exercises everyday like before. On my side it is this time now that I feel like getting at the heart of your teaching (after almost 2 years from knowing you first time) and I appreciate the way you understand to be a teacher more than anything! Saying thank you is little. I wish I can prove to you one day that I deserved you as a teacher. Have a fantastic day!
Anca Bold, OneHorseLife Advanced Student, Qatar
Anna, Ever since I found your videos on Facebook, I’ve noticed a lightness in myself when with my horses. I find myself more accepting, more curious… – and not so human agenda driven. I find myself using your language: “Beautiful. Beautiful!” with them. I want to thank you for leading by example.
Katie J Thiry, OneHorseLife follower
The greatest gift I have received from Anna Marciniak’s Calmness Based Training is confidence. And this confidence stems from Calmness.

It means that i feel that I can undertake anything and everything, cause when something happens that I am not prepared for or whenever I experience confusion, frustration, sadness, anger or failure – I can simply return to Calmness and trust. I am not clueless anymore… I always know what to do. Return to Calmness.

And everything will solve itself…magic starts happening, literally. There has been so much magic happening in my life just during the past few days that it brings tears to my eyes.

I truly feel that the BASE Kick-Start training gave me the BASE.

Before I had a lot of things happening, I was doing this and that and all those ideas and methods and emotions were running wild, but it had no base. I had no solid ground in me. Now i have it. And that is the most valuable thing…EVER.

There has been a lot of changes in me.

I have become more aware of my body – I notice the tensions and let them go. I notice my muscles and which ones i am using. I notice my breath an breathing. I have learned to expand my body awareness to my horses and dog.

I have become more aware of my thoughts – I let them be. I don’t try to get rid of them, I don’t create drama because of the simple fact that I was lost in my thoughts. When I notice that I have been thinking too much, I just start to observe and take it lightly. I am just a human: I have a right to evolve and evolving is a gradual process. Nothing has to be taken too seriously.

I have become more aware of my energy – and I am starting to understand how to play around with it Emotikon wink I have learned not to worry, not to put energy into past or future, I have learned to value myself and surrender to nature and its rythms and guidance.
Judgement has been replaced by experiencing and gratefulness.

And when I see and feel the grass under my boot..when I really-really feel it..this very second..then I am happy..the happiest person on Earth.

And it really takes a lot of willpower. I takes a clear decision..a decision one has to make every day – yes. I do want to change. Yes. I do want to choose calmness. Yes. I am doing it. It is about growing up and taking the responsibility. Responsibility – the ability to respond. Respond to the current moment out of calmness and awareness.

Every day is filled with transformations, changes, evolution. And I am part of it – oh, how great it really feels!!!

And the greatest thing about it? It is just the beginning!

Iida-Leena Allik, Estonia, B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Training Participant

Sunshine – OneHorseLife StartUp Course July 2015 – Testimonial

Anna Marciniak is always saying :
“Do not look to change your Horse.
Look to change Yourself.”

Bangalow Creek Sunshine was purchased in May 2015. She was really very much a baby (19 months old) when we began the StartUp Course in July. I had difficulty in touching her body and how did Anna Marciniak tell me to fix that? What did I do to make the horse act differently? Did I chase the her around in circles? Did I whack her with the lead & tell her to stand up? No!!!!!! Not in OHL you don’t!!!
I didn’t ask Sunshine to change her ways… absolutely not!!!!!

What did I do differently?
I had to change me!

Through Calming Technique I learn to relax my body. From this point, I become open to what really is. Mind generated “problems” are replaced by the beauty of the gifts before me. (See more under my testimonial for Rosie, if you are interested.)

Sunshine is the most delicate, light, open-hearted horse that I have ever met. She wants so much to find new ways of being with me every session that my heart melts. This is only possible because of OneHorseLife (OHL)!!

I really do feel this is just the beginning!
So much more unravelling of myself & discoveries to come in OHL!!!

Anna! I have never met someone so dedicated to each & every one of her students! Your on-line training modules are packed full of information & demonstration videos. We, your students, are all so different and yet you know just what each of us needs.. . You let me have time & space to work things out. Thankyou!!! (I haven’t finished all the Modules yet but it has been one hell of a ride!!!) You are the most gifted, caring & insightful teacher I have ever come across!!!! I surely do not know how you find the time to make us all feel special but you really truly do!! Thank your wonderful, supporting husband for us too!!
A big thankyou to all of the other students in OHL StartUp 2015 too. I learnt what is possible by watching you & your horses. You all helped pull me forward and broaden my mind to what is possible. I have some friends here & you make me smile!! Life is full of surprises & unexpected gifts!!!

OneHorseLife with Anna Marciniak:
“Your horse has only One Life. The Life he lives with you. Make this Life as good as you can.”

Donna Anderson, Australia, Start-Up GroundWork Workshop Participant

Rosie – OneHorseLife StartUp Course – July 2015 Testimonial

Bangalow Creek Rosalinda is an unbroken 3yo mare in this workshop. I have owned her since she was 2yo.

Anna says that everything starts from Calmness. She is right! Through calmness I feel my tenseness – my unease running through my mind & body. I do Calming Technique – I relax. Sometimes this is all I have to do & I return to what I was doing. Other days I discover my blocks. How I have trapped myself in my thoughts. How over time how my thoughts have stopped me from enjoying life & how grateful I should feel for all of Nature’s gifts.
One by one, in my own time, I “shake off” another layer of entrapment.

For those who would like to read a concrete example of an actual personal experience keep reading. For those short on time..please feel free to skip this next paragraph.

In Modules 1 & 2, I discovered, through Calming Technique, my anxiety of training horses on the arena. In my mind, the arena had become a place of entrapment for myself & my horses. Now, thanks to OneHorseLife, it is a place of relaxation. A place where it is safe for me to open my heart and to be me. I can hear & see what my horses are offering to me today & experience a connection with my horses that I had wished for but could never reach.

How very cool it is to know that there is a very loving, liberating and at the same time, a completely safe way to be with my horses!!! And through all that time, Anna is there encouraging us all on the course, to take another step forward under her loving & genuine need for us all to discover what Nature/Life truly wanted us to experience!!! ( I am kind of hesitant to use the word empowerment because words get abused & become almost jargon that people just bandy about, to the point that the true meaning has floated off into the cosmos to go live with all other faded dreams!)

Can everyone do it? Yes you can. As long as you want to change and are ready to change.
The steps are easy. Start with OHL. Whatever you want to do with your horse(s), Step 1 in all of Anna’s detailed training modules is….
“Start from Calmness”.

And all the way through, with Anna as your guide, you discover who you really really are. And the gifts you always have had with you!!!!!
with Anna Marciniak!!

Donna Anderson, Australia, Start-Up GroundWork Workshop Participant
And just like that, the OneHorseLife Start Up Groundwork workshop July Edition, has come to an end.

Mixed emotions. I am sad that it has ended but at the same time I am excited, happy and full of joy and curiousity about how our journey will continue to develop. Most exciting is that Anna has invited me to be part of her first Riding Workshop, so the journey is far from over.

Seeing the change in myself and my horses has been enthralling. Seeing the boys grow, both physically and emotionally, and feeling the shift in myself, has been an amazing experience.

I would highly recommend for anyone to join one of Annas courses and see for yourself the deep and profound difference in yourselves and your horses.

Carin Robinson about her video:
It is almost impossible to think what we came from before finding you, and seeing where we have come to so far. To think that touching Red’s head was the most dangerous thing in the world, I was recovering from my 4th concussion from him when we started our workshop, and being within arms reach of Milo required super human ninja skills top fend off his attacks, my friend use to call him a “land shark”…TO THIS!!!!

It is a world apart. And that past world is something I never wish to return to. Your work has given us a new outlook, a new future, a new way of LIFE.
Anna’s response:

Carin everything happen because of YOU; it’s your work, your change, your dedication. I have only showed you the direction. The biggest lesson here is that you can clearly see how your inner you influences everything that is outside you and in your Life. And now you REALLY KNOW how to change yourself, and that is how you change your Life. You can see that all the problems you had in the past, we haven’t even focused on solving them, we never even talked much about them. And now, thanks to this you are not the person who knows how to “deal with such problems”, now you are the person who knows how to change yourself and your life to not have such problems at all.

Anna, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. I feel I discovered a magical land where everything is possible and lightness is an absolutely normal state. I can’t stay here all the time yet, but it was a blessing just to see this world. During these three months I passed through many changes in my life. I can’t help thinking that these outside changes are a reflection of the new me emerging.

I think Tibet loves to join me in this journey of change. Because with little steps, I’m listening him more, I’m ready to let him tell me more, and he has so much to tell me still. I love these moments of calmness that we have and feeling that this calmness is possible in challenging situations also.

Thinking back at you Anna and the Fb group, I have one word popping in my mind: LOVE. Yes, your comments are full of love. You act as you preach: no judging, being grateful for the smallest changes, the constant desire to improve one self.

I loved how you said in one comment, to have in mind that the horse is communicating something to us, not that he’s not obedient.

I saw you living these ideas, as I was lucky enough to meet you and Pawel. I saw the trust, the lightness, the openess, the flexibility.

Thank you so much Anna and Paweł for building this Wonderland, or I should say, for showing us that we all could have this world in our lives.

Nicoleta Dobrin, Spain, Start-Up GroundWork Workshop Participant

I do find it hard to sum up just how profound this last month has been taking part in Anna’s BASE kick start workshop. I can truly say it has been well worth taking the plunge.

I was instinctively drawn to Anna’s posts and beautiful words on her Facebook page and so the logical step was to try out a workshop. I did have some concerns though, mostly about introducing another training method and perhaps i would just end up confusing both myself and my horses. After seeing Anna at UK clinic I was even more convinced it was the right thing to do and so I finally took the plunge and boy am glad I did!!

I know now the reason I didn’t do it earlier was because I wasn’t quite ready to embrace the changes that are necessary for you to truly get the most out of Anna Marciniaks wonderful teachings. When you are open to it I can truly say it will change your life.

I’m such a better person for having found calmness again in my life. I know my horses (and husband;-) will be forever grateful for the changes that have started to occur in me. I feel like I’m at the start of something really amazing and i can’t wait to continue this journey to see where this takes me and my horses.

Thank you Anna with all my heart!

Jane Moon, UK, B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Training Participant
Wow wow wow I have had an amazing day that makes me so happy and proud of my horse I could cry ?

The difference in our relationship in just a couple of days is nothing short of amazing. We have been having some problems this last 6 months since he had a freak accident in his stable. He became so scared of his stable that he would literally stand in one spot and shake when I brought him in. His fear grew to the point where he started refusing to come onto the yard and then in from the field until eventually he didn’t even want to be caught. I did not know what to do to help him through it and eventually turned to positive reinforcement clicker training. This has had really good results and the fear of the stable and everything that went with it has gone and the journey lead me to Anna Marciniak and I have been trying to implement her philosophies as best I can from the articles that Anna posts.

This has again improved our relationship and trust enormously but going to the clinic last weekend has been a real turning point. Seeing the calming technique in action and reading the precourse materials (and now the wonderful new book) I think will change my life (and my horses life) forever. We have made such progress in a few short days I can only imagine how much better this will get as my awareness expands.

Today we had a ride out with my partner and his new horse. We felt completely ‘together’ all the way round. Beautifully calm and relaxed with him giving me the odd calming signal when on a couple of occasions I got a little bit tense. I didn’t use my legs at all, just my energy.

Towards the end of the ride we were coming down a very narrow lane with high hedges either side. A large tractor pulling a trailer with over 10 large round straw bales came hurtling down the lane. It was so big it filled up the whole lane and there was only a small gap for us to fit in to let it past. Tortoise ( my horse – probably an ironic name for a successful flat racehorse!) and I remained calm throughout even when Bertie (my partners horse) panicked and tried to canter off down the lane. We stayed calm and when Bertie came back T put himself between Bertie and the tractor, calm and solid as a rock. Then we heard another one coming. Even bigger this time. T and I flagged it down so the driver knew we were there and then repositioned ourselves as a calming influence for poor Bertie. I have never felt such a mutual partnership with him before. We both took responsibility for protection of our little herd with complete and utter calmness and understanding.

It was like we were one ?

It sounds trivial but only a few months ago I had to stop riding him as his spooking and extreme reactions to things out hacking and riding in the school had become too dangerous. We had completely lost trust in each other.
Thank you Anna from the bottom of my heart xxx

Libby Mclachlan, UK, OneHorseLife Live Workshop / Clinic participant
Too much gratitude to Anna Marciniak. I have tried and waited for almost 3 years now to have a horse that comes to me when called.
Now I have a horse who sees me leaving the tack shed with his halter and lead and he starts heading to the gate. By the time I get to the gate he’s running to get to me. And when I put my arm over his neck to halter him, he has his nose tipped in ready to poke it into the halter.
3 years I’ve been trying to achieve this. And Anna has helped me get it down pat in less than 3 weeks.
‪#‎calmnesstraining‬ ‪#‎calmingtechnique‬ ‪#‎onehorselife‬
Carin Robinson, New Zealand, Start-Up GroundWork Online Workshop member

Since I now had the time to be with Anna Marciniak | Onehorselife and watch her with her horses during my several days’ visit to Warsaw, I would like to say something here about what I learned.

Anna is a gracious, elegant, generous person, as you can imagine, but the interesting thing is that she treats everyone the same, humans, dogs, horses. She speaks quietly and you want to listen. She speaks to her dogs in a half-whisper and they obey immediately because they are relaxed and secure. She speaks to her horses in a quiet, soothing, encouraging voice and they listen carefully with soft eyes. I saw her “training” (that is the family joke that they are not “training” horses, but educating them Emotikon smile all seven of her horses currently at the facility (her new colt “Leo” is still with his mama at the breeder’s farm) on the ground and they range in age from 9 down to two 2-year olds.

She handles them delicately, and they respond with lightness and focus. She whispers and they listen. In fact, she rewards for the least try, and it can be the tiniest, almost invisible motion and she sees it. Once I got over my astonishment at what small tries she notices and rewards, I saw how quickly the horse became confident that he was on the track to finding out what she was asking, and how refined was the horse’s response to each succeeding “ask” after receiving her encouragement. When you stop pushing and pulling your horse, what do you do then? This is what you do; you watch and listen.

And then…I realized what the point of the Calmness teaching is. If you are not present with yourself, present in the moment, you can’t see those tiny tries because you are too busy thinking about what you “think” your goal is. Because you only see that “big picture”, you miss the small picture.

In a lifetime of handling horses, I have always realized that horses are highly intelligent and sensitive, but I didn’t fully realize HOW intelligent and HOW sensitive they are until I watched Anna educating her horses, every minute in relaxation, each one becoming more supple and rounded in every activity, no pulling or pushing, just gentle questions resulting in soft responses. Each of the horses has a very different personality, which Anna and Pawel understand intimately. They love their trainings and when the gate to the shady covered round pen was opened to depart when the session was over, and Anna went outside the gate inviting them to follow her, not one of them followed immediately.

Moral to the story: less really is more.

TF Bobbi Lynn getting a bath. Those of you who know this mare know that she had a severe phobia of the hose….it would nearly send her into a panic the moment it was turned on! This summer, using Anna Marciniak’s techniques of calmness and positive reinforcement, we were able to help Miss “Brooke” learn that bathtime can be enjoyable!

Cathy Auge, USA, Start-Up GroundWork OnlineWorkshop / April Edition Graduate

Today my daughter displayed some behavior that wasn’t favorable and I caught myself wishing her to change and I wished she would like the other kids, but then Anna popped in my head. I remembered about no comparing and only changing my self, I laughed and said to myself, I need to reread, “Everything starts with Calmness” Lol, I felted better. Later tonight my daughter started talking to me about how she didn’t feel good about acting the way she did earlier. I stayed calm and listened with a open heart and without thoughts, I just listened. I was glad to hear the things she had to say. I told her the wonderful things that she did do with her friends, I didn’t mention anything negative, I could feel it wasn’t needed. We had a wonderful peaceful, slightly tearful conversation. I had a great feeling inside that she did this on her own without me needing to address the problem. Thank you Anna Marciniak, I don’t know what would have happened if I would have added my thoughts to her behavior but I am so glad I took your Calmness lesson.
Bonnie Geary, USA, Start-Up GroundWork OnlineWorkshop / April Edition Graduate

This weekend I volunteered at a horse show, and I was asked to school or help out with several horses that I had never ridden or interacted with before. I saw the truth in what you have been telling us, “The moment you change, the horse changes with you.” When I approached these horses and did calming technique and Calm With Me cue (even though these horses did not know that cue) I could feel the tension melting away from them! It was so cool!
I also found that, as I watched many horses all weekend, handled by many different people, I have become much better about recognizing when a horse’s needs are being met, when they are being listened to, and I realized how strongly I feel about the importance of listening to the horse and meeting the horse’s needs in the moment.
Thank you, Anna, for helping me to become a better caretaker and partner for every horse I will ever come in contact with!
Cathy Auge, USA, Testimony after the Start-Up GroundWork OnlineWorkshop
I was really inspired by Anna’s approach and I now ‘get’ just how important it is to REALLY find, start and end, and frequently return to ‘Calmness’.

Whilst we have, thru other clinicians, both seen the benefit of focusing on ‘Being’ WITH the horse rather than merely ‘doing’, some almost treat ‘Doing’ as a bad thing. I suspected it was possible to take the ‘BEING’ into ‘DOING’ – ie to do things ‘together’ with our horses that create JOY and are of direct benefit to BOTH the horse and the human.

What Anna has shown us is a very practical way to inspire a level of ‘performance’ naturally – out of a state of Being. Our Calmness leads to their calmness. Our building of energy, out of a state of calmness, creates CLARITY for the horse – which leads to true understanding.

I ordered the new book/video on my phone mid-clinic this afternoon! I had confirmed with Anna at lunchtime that it was relevant to the particular issues I have with my horse, Jo and I now can’t wait for the book’s release on Tuesday :-)

This really DOES feel like the next step forward for Jo and I :-)

PS. Oh! And I felt the warmness and authenticity of Anna – through her approach, her message – and through her open-hearted hugs. I could never have felt that, one-to-one, without being able to meet her face-to-face, so thanks again for making this happen, Sam.

Steve Miller, testimony after OneHorseLife Live Workshop in UK
My OHL Workshop experience resonates completely with Cathy’s and Judy’s – it is about the NOT DOING. Its about the empowerment to change yourself, and to be guided on that journey in a nurturing way, but by being allowed to experience your own mistakes and day-to-day challenges, you are empowered to make certain decisions that will give you the confidence to continue the journey of change and growth long after the initial 3 month OHL course is completed.

When I visited Anna in Poland towards the end of my course, I discussed my feeling that it would be so much easier to do the exercises if she was there physically; and she explained that that’s all good and well, but what will you do if you are experiencing issues and I am not there to help you? The beautiful answer is that you will either have to wait till she comes back the next day, or you will have to find a solution yourself …

Whilst Anna guides you through the course anytime and whenever you need help and advice, she gives you the self-confidence to work your way through any challenges that might arise and believe you can do it. Anna is like having a guardian angel on your shoulder that you will turn to always; every interaction I have with Merlin now has Anna’s wise words and teachings as my guide.

Andrea Rosenmann, South Africa, OneHorseLife Start-Up GroundWork Workshop graduation testimony
Anna, I know you mentioned you were looking for experiences with playing with the horses in a grass arena. I didn’t have an experience to share then, but now I do!

I have 2 new client ponies in training at a neighbors farm, where there is only a grass arena. When I started with these ponies….the ONLY thing they were interested in was the grass. I remembered someone in the workshop having an issue with this, and your advice was to just ignore it. So I let them graze, rewarding them when they returned their attention to me. Slowly, they have become less and less interested in the grass when playing with me. Today’s session was so much fun! Both of them were so eager to go to the arena to play with me, and neither of them even took so much as one nibble of grass! Even on his break, the one little guy had to be convinced to graze. He kept trying out all of our moves, trying to get me to keep playing. I finally convinced him that a grazing break was what his little 3 year old brain needed!
It’s not always easy to just let go of something that seems disruptive, or counter productive to training. But sometimes it is just what you need to do! Fussing and Nagging about something doesn’t make for a very nice partnership!

Thanks again, Anna!

Cathy Auge, USA, feedback sent one-month after the Start-Up GroundWork Workshop finished
Wow, I’m lost for words…….. (well almost!), I have to pinch myself to know I’m not dreaming.

Since Thursday last week I have been greatly honoured to spend most of my time in the company of Anna Marciniak. Having completed the 3 month start up groundwork workshop with Anna and then spent some time with her in Poland, I was thrilled to hear that she was coming to England to give a 2 day clinic in August (thanks Samantha Bolam for organising).

For years I have been looking for a better way to be with my horses and in recent times I have learned lots of new techniques which have been definitely going in the right direction. Anna’s teaching is taking all of that to a completely new level.

I have learned so much from Anna about the importance of calmness with horses and from there I have been able to connect with my horse just using my energy. This can then lead to the development of ideal balance and collection in the horse.

The development of this connection and the beginning of balance was truly visible during the clinic with horses and participants having their very first sessions with Anna. Anna is a true artist and brings an incredible energy to the process. She is the most warm, friendly and generous person, and truly wants to help people and their horses.

I wasn’t able to bring my horse to the clinic, but I was privileged to have some sessions with my groundwork workshop horse Loreal at home. Anna has really found the key to getting more attention and focus from my lovely girl and in practicing our walk pirouettes I was able to get the most amazing connection with her that I have never felt before. I am so thrilled and excited for the future with this new knowledge and feeling.

Anna, I just don’t know how to thank you. It was a great joy for me to spend so much time with you, Pawel and Dominika, you were absolutely perfect house guests and the place seems very empty now. I am sure we will meet again in person very soon and I can’t wait for the online advanced groundwork and riding classes to start xxxxx

Picture is Anna helping Loreal find her balance in walk pirouette.

Judy Kelly, UK
I didn’t feel like adding any videos for some time because of the REAL CHANGE I have been going through. When you finally change yourself there is this cartainty that it is true. You can not mistake it with anything else. Of course it came in the least expected way (It was about the expectations or rather letting them go). It’s like I really understood what does it mean to ‘observe’. And what does it mean not to judge what you see or feel. Now it is so clear! Whatever happens I no longer see it as a good or bad thing. Everything is exactly how it should be and is here to help me. So I smile and I am happy :)

I let go my ambition. And that is a wonderful feeling. Being is more important than doing. That is why for the last two weeks I followed my inner feeling and focused on myself only.

Funny thing is that after letting go of attachment to some specific result the universe reacts immadietely to any of my intentions and provides great possibilities…Very often I receive more than I am ready for. I need to be more careful with my wishes! :)

Oh I couldn’t be more thankful Anna! I will never be able to express that with words…

Zuzanna Bednarz, Poland
Having just read through module 4 and I have a BIG smile on my face. This course is so much beyond my expectations and everything makes so much sense to me. This happens every time I read through a new module and also this time.

Apart from the structure and the content I am also extremely pleased with the way things are taught and how the videos are commented on. Always spot on and also, you, Anna Marciniak is not frightened talk about issues where you have to do something unpleasant to a horse to make the training safe and the set up a boarder to the horse. You are also teaching in a very friendly, supportive and personal way that is wonderful.

I am experienced with rehabilitation of troubled horses. But when it comes to educating a horse and get him to perform something things have not been working well enough.

I do have a lot of knowledge about dressage exercises and the like. I know what they are supposed to look like and can see right from wrong. I can also see when a horse is tense and when he is not. I also have quite a lot of knowledge about how to teach the different exercises to the horse or I can think out a way to teach him. I am skilled within the learning psychology as well as within behaviour, stress and biology. I am not telling this to tell how good I am but to tell that despite my already existing skills and passed exams I get A LOT from this course.

What was missing before was to be able to get the horse to like his work. It was like there was something missing. And this “something” is what I get from this course. It is like having decided to build a brick wall. There has to be a foundation, some bricks and some mortar.

The bricks are the main part of the wall but without foundation and without mortar the wall will not last. It may be standing but it will fall apart very soon. And with this course I am getting the foundation as well as the mortar. I did have the most of the bricks but the wall could not stand without foundation and mortar. But now I am beginning to feel that I will be able to build a rock solid wall very soon.

Anna, you have brought back hope and joy to my life with horses! Thank you so much :D

Comment from Anna:
This video of Tina and her horse comes with a story.
Isildur is an extremely shy horse that came to Tina, and now is in the process of rehabilitation. Tina wants to bring him the unity and joy he deserves. Because of his past and issues with his body and balance, Isildur finds cantering very hard. And now you will know where our joy comes from when we watch this video :-)

A horse that canters to train with you, to show you his engagement and love and trust, is the most beautiful thing. A sign of the true change.

Maybe, it will inspire you as well.

Tina Anne Marquand Kamper, Denmark
It has been over a month since the Groundwork start up workshop finished and there has been time to digest the experience fully.

I praised the experience with many words already, so this is not to comment on the contents, Anna’s amazing techniques (and personality!) or the fantastic ‘family-like’ atmosphere we had among the participants.

I wanted to say few words about the present situation and how the course has flavoured my ‘horse conversations’ and my way to think.

Just few days back I had separate conversations with two very experienced, actively competing horse owners who have been riding before they learned their first word. My skills and experiences (although I also have been with horses forever, just did not have the opportunity to have regular lessons) were lightyears behind them. In the past I always listened, not contributed to the conversation thinking I cannot know more/add anything to discussions. Now, I realised I was talking (propably for hours, heh!) about the way I am with my horses these days, rather than discussing my progress on the dressage lessons i started few years ago. I showed clips I felt very proud of which were part of the course materials. One of them was where i spent nearly 7 minutes scratching and hugging my foal, and the other one was a short 2 minute exercise where we tried side passes for the first time and my mare and I shared the exact same intention since the beginning and the steps fell into places like a puzzle and we both were filled with warmth, joy, peacefulness. I would say in both videos I felt union, purity and beautifully raw connection which felt safe.

The person I was conversing with was listening, and looking. She saw the joy and level of engagement my horse showed, and knowing my skills (well, the lack of them!) from the past, her honest expression showed that she understood I have found a special way to be with my horses. There was a silence and warm smiles. Then discussions about animal connection, meditating with horses, calmness, lifetime companionship.
I realised I feel the same quiet awe when I see people who have found peace with (or through) their horses – they inspire me, like Anna.

I realised I had a lot to say and a lot of real experiences and changes to describe, and to my great surprise I got lot of questions from these experts. So after a 3 month course to which I gave my heart and soul in full surrender I was actually able to tell something new about horses to these experts.

So why did I want to write about this? Just to highlight how those billion little peaces, each ‘deep breath’, calming, feeling your toes, singing to your horse, marathon cuddles and waiting for the horses to show a sign that they are ready for new move have turned into magical wisdom nobody can take away from me. People cannot even argue it does not work, as they did work for me and my loyalty lies with my own inner true self who feels proud of me being so brave to open the door fully when the “Big Change” was knocking.

If you are not ready to change, don’t do Anna’s course. If you are, drop your ego and let Anna introduce you to your horses smile emoticon She is a miracle worker with an amazing ability to read and heal both humans and animals.

Sari Kaipainen, Finland

This is such an interesting way of doing things, it’s so much the opposite of anything I learned before, but I knew none of that was right for Loreal. I’m not sure how you can tell from where you are exactly what she needs but it’s obvious that you do and I try to do what you say, because what you say always seems right and things are really improving. I can’t thank you enough.

Judy Kelly, UK
I have wanted to share a little something, but thought maybe it would not be interesting, but another participant’s video has given me cause to think differently. I hope this comes across the right way — as a testimony to Anna, and a prayer for everyone. I brought Ellie on four BIG trips using all the calming techniques, head down, and also using information from Anna’s post “Wait for your Horse”, and other cues as well while on these adventures. I never thought I would be able to really ride Ellie when I brought her home. I thought she would spend her days grazing, and my days riding would be over. And I had made peace with that prospect. But after working with Anna, I gained insight and confidence that perhaps to test new possibilities with Ellie, and test myself. We live on a busy road, but the road leads to an outdoor ring and to trails and in another direction, to some dirt roads past farms. It is nerve wracking walking on these roads. But I took Ellie in hand to the ring and to the dirt road, and to a rather steep and scary heavily wooded trail with many obstacles. She was very brave. There were also moments when she was worried. I listened to her. I waited for her. I asked her again if she was ready, and if she was, she moved forward willingly. If she was not, I waited and rubbed her. And I sang to her the entire time. If a big truck came on the road, or a loud motorcycle, I sang louder so she could hear my song. And if she was still worried at any time while I was mounted, I dismounted and took her in hand and reassured her. Just a short time ago, I could not even mount Ellie in the open. I feel so blessed that Anna came into my life to give me this gift, just at the right time. Just when I thought maybe I would not be able to ride. Thank you Anna! The reason I share this is to tell others who may feel they want to give up, or that they can’t do something–that it seems as if you can after all! My prayers to all of you who are struggling to be One with your horse and in your life. Small steps forward!
Laura Baxter, USA
In Anna Marciniak’s course I discover myself. I feel like a dolphin jumping through an infinite number of waves to an infinite horizon & I let myself go. I jump out of the water into awareness – I start to feel the air/the sunlight/the spray as it drips off me – I become aware of how freedom feels – & then ….. I feel a tug – something is holding me back. A wave of emotion hits me. Why did I do this to myself & sometimes even to others? I let the different emotions come & go…..
I gladly fall back into the depths of the water – looking for calmness. I let the waves of thoughts/guilt wash by me. Sometimes a prayer of forgiveness helps! And when I am happy & calm & at peace, I jump back out of the ocean into the light & freedom of awareness – to do it all again!

And each time I get a little closer – …. to who I really am!
Thanks Anna !!‬

Donna Anderson, Australia
I feel that you are the best person to help me. This is the best instruction I have ever received, and it really seems to be the way for me and Ellie to do the things that will make our lives enjoyable. Although I only plan to do simple things with her, I feel I have no solid foundation. One cannot build a house without the proper foundation. These are very reasonable prices for the quality and depth of instruction.
Laura Baxter, USA
It is very difficult in the horse world to find someone you really trust. And how can you really learn without trust? Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you’ve been given arbitrary instructions. I love how you have helped each one of us find our OWN path with our horses….not insisting we become carbon copies of you. You’re the best, Anna!
Cathy Auge, USA
I am so thankful to have been connected to you, you are but one person but you have bought SO MUCH peace to my life and everyone else that has received your true messages! Thank you is just not a big enough word for the gratitude I feel. I love my Calmness Duchess.
Bonnie Geary, USA
I trust you more than myself! Believe me, yesterday I was thinking to myself that in my life there have always been horse people telling me do this- do that and I have been so confused. Upset and lost since I thought they know better and I should listen to them, but I have always felt bad or ‘low’ as if I had to yield to knowledge that did not fit in… I just didn’t know better to argue against them. You are the FIRST and ONLY one I feel like I can trust and follow and I don’t feel like I’ve been told things ‘for the sane of it’ and first time in my life I’m actually LEARNING things that I feel good and excited about!
Sari Kaipainen, Finland
I also want to say that after these weeks with Ellie, she greets me in a very different way now. When I approach her paddock she looks at me and starts heading right on over with a gleam in her eye. She sometimes would do that in the past, but now she does it almost every time. Today she left her HAY PILE to come right over, and just offered her head to me to take her away. What fun!
Laura Baxtel, USA
Yangira, 1 yo, South Africa

Ania, I am writing this to say thank you for your guidance and support over the past few months. Your workshop is the best thing I could have done for myself and my horses, especially my little filly Yangira.
The day I fetched her from the quarantine on the 31st March, I had a team of experts loading and unloading her from the horsebox.

She was very nervous. I was advised not to take her halter off and that she is impossible to catch. It took us half and hour to lead her to the paddock 30 meters away. I gradually moved her around the paddocks and the adjoining arenas, mostly concentrating on exercises in module 1 and 2.

Today I decided to finally take her on the grand tour of the property, where the store rooms and main stables are located.

The change in Yangira is astonishing!!!! She was walking next to me with proper head down, was curious to see all the little corners and pathways. What surprised me the most was her obedience to all my cues, especially “halt” . Yangira proposed “calm with me” when she got nervous about new noises and all the activity going on around us. She was also confident to investigate all new objects.

What really made my day, was her decision to come to me without being called. She usually notices me on arrival, I call her, and she acknowledges me with a little noise she makes, before she starts heading in my direction. Today Yangira was very puzzled… I was walking around the paddocks, but I never called her… She was watching me, but carried on with whatever she was busy with. Eventually I walked past behind her at a closer distance and went to sit down some 15 meters away from her. At that point, she turned around and decided it was time to come around to say hello LOL

Beata Branicka, South Africa
Change observed in my 9 year old Diamond Domino

I have three horses I train with Anna Marciniak method.

All different ages and breeds. I have an interesting observation with my 9 year old cross breed. He is in general of hot temperament and a loner. He however enjoys playing in the paddock with my 4 year old.

When I started with Anna”s method, Domino refused to do any exercises, except for “calm with me”, “head down” and scary objects. This was going on for over two months. Recently he started to respond to all other cues, I never even introduced to him with powerful engagement!

The biggest change I noticed with Domino is being with me, no matter what is happening around us. He no longer wants to follow other horses, or gets a fright when someone else is lounging in the same arena, responding to the noise of whip or voice. He is very much aware that when I am around him, nothing else matters expect for what I ask of him, or allow him to do.

Beata Branicka, South Africa, second testimony
Life changing for Horses as well as humans, exceptionally high standard, Anna you have so much amazing energy its contagious..! so your not only affecting us, our Horses and all the people we come into contact with! For me the relaxation around my horses is such a gift, I knew about it and I thought I was practicing until your workshop, the tools you have given us and the follow through making sure its happening has been life changing but thats only one thing there are many tools you are giving us that are far reaching and revolutionizing our lives. Thank you SO much!
Margaret Wood, Australia
Here at home we have a high-energetic 4 year old – you can not imagine how far I have come with her over the last couple of weeks, only by staying calm when her energy rises!!! In the past I was thinking like: OMG, how do I fix this, how can I get her calm again etc. etc and that did not help, because my energy rose too! For me this is the first course where they not only say you have to be calm and in neutral, but actually explain how to do it step by step, whilst you are next to your horse!
Riekje van Zanten, Sweden
Restless is the perfect description of our world today … taking time to slow down is the hardest action for modern man. No time to slow down should be our motto! Anna has made me think about calmness for the 1st time in many many years and it is having such a positive effect not only on my horse, through participation in the Groundwork Workshop, but on my children and family too. My children asked the other day “What’s the matter with Mom – she is so huggy and kissy?!” So blessed to have Anna in my life.
Andrea Rosenmann, South Africa, second testimony
Thank you so much Anna, I signed up for the start up ground work workshop not knowing what it would be like, but looking for something really special to help my difficult but talented mare.

Wow, I can’t believe the fantastic level of personal coaching I have received already from you which is completely individual and tailored for each participant.
In just over one week of following the first module I have already developed more of a bond and connection with my horse than I thought would ever be possible.
Not only are there practical exercises to work through, but a strong focus on changing ourselves rather than trying to change the horse, and in doing this the issues with the horse melt away.

Before the course started I had a horse that was totally distracted much of the time during schooling and couldn’t be worked at Liberty due to extreme spooking and a tendency to jump out over the high fence, but since the end of the first week on the course I am able to confidently work her at Liberty.

Thank you, thank you, can’t wait to see what the rest of the course will bring.

Judy Kelly, United Kingdom
I remembered to “smile” not just my face, but within. That my horse IS a pleasure to me, and time with him should make me smile, even just being with him. In turn, this made me think about being with my family too – that I should smile and be thankful for them too, even when my 8 year old is challenging, I will never have these days again. So smiling, being thankful and just enjoying the moments are my change.
Claire Hare, United Kingdom
I am seeing the horse-human relationship from a COMPLETELY different perspective. Biggest change so far is to see the horses above my ego and ambitions and that their physical beauty and capabilities are just a nano-percent of what they have to offer. They respond and reflect to your own true self. Thank you Anna for being the lighthouse and solid foundation of knowledge. You have truly lead me to the right direction and the journey has just began!
Sari Kaipainen, Finland/Spain
It is funny, Anna’s course has become so much more than just a course. It has become an anchor in a very difficult time of my life. Something I can rely on keeping me grounded, even when everything else is flying, floating around me. I believe all happens for purpose, and I had such a strong calling for this course that I decided to jump after it without even knowing if I can actually take part or not. The changes in all my horses after just one week are visible to all and in deeper level my own anxiety of achieving something with them is starting to disappear. When Im with them I feel really connected and safe – and 99% of the time I feel nothing can disturb my inner peace (apart from a bucket with carrots, heh Emotikon wink ) which has not been the case in many months now. I feel I am tuned into same channel with them. I am not expecting anything from them – just in awe and honour to start understanding their world and depth. And as a bonus, the group of participants is so warm, open and non-judgemental that the spirit of the group is enough to blow away some dark clouds. And Anna is something special. One of the kindest, bravest and most beautiful soul I have met
Sari Kaipainen, Finland/Spain, second feedback
The most significant thing that I have learned so far is the way in which I look at Merlin. I have spent years looking at him and thinking I wish he was rounder, more glossy, had a bigger neck, didn’t have a scar on his knee, etc, etc, etc. Anna’s words about not judging yourself, your horse and others really resonated with me because I know this is my biggest fault. It’s very difficult to look at what you have, or are, and feel like it’s perfect, but if you live your life constantly looking for fault in everything, it actually gives you lots of excuses as to why you are not achieving your goals or dreams. I have realised that this is basically an evasion tactic, and has definitely got in the way of where I would like to be, especially in my riding.

I now make sure that when I am with Merlin, from the minute I arrive at the stables, to consciously try and look for the positive in my horse, and feel gratitude and joy that I am able to have him in my life.

Andrea Rossenmann, South Africa
Pani Aniu zmieniam siebie i swoje życie :) Przede wszystkim mój spokój – nie zmieniam konia tylko wyciszam siebie, zamykam oczy, rozluźniam napięte mięśnie wyrównóję oddech a Begonia sama na to odpowiada. Spokój zmienia moje życie i w pracy i w domu u w stajni! Druga sprawa to szukanie pozytywów w każdej sytuacji z jaką mam styczność. Rozpoczynamy dzień w domu życząc sobie wzajemie miłego dnia, uśmiechu i sukcesów :) Życie jest piękne gdy się uśmiechamy! Dziękuję!
Iwona Andruszkiewicz, Poland
Dear Anna, this course has made me notice so many little things about my self that I’m trying hard to pick one! I think the biggest one so far, is to just be quiet. I worry a lot, and I day dream A LOT! And thus I’m very forgetful. Even normal ‘everyday contact’ with people makes me nervous, I am so self concious it makes me miserable sometimes! The usual advise one hears like: ‘just be your self, or ACT confident and you will become confident etc etc has never really helped. But I’ve started to try your calming technique in everyday life, to just ‘be quiet’ feel my body and ‘observe’ instead of thinking so much, and it has helped me tremendously (when I remember to do it :P). So thank you!!
Jessica Joubert, United Kingdom
Dear Ana, I have been told many times to be calm and focused when I am with my horses. I have been pretty good at this most of the tIme. What has changed with befriending you is that I have tried to find this calmness in my life. I find that I do not have to look so hard for the calmness because I have it with me.
Mimi Haddad, USA
I have this sudden urge to fly to Poland and hug Anna Marciniak.
I had a really nice quiet play with Redemption today with some of the new techniques I am learning. I even managed to unhalter him at the end without him taking off and stomping on my foot. It was nice to unhalter, walk away and turn around to see him still standing there staring at me and then walk towards me. I was even able to reward his choice to stay with me.
 I adore Anna. I’m doing her workshop in July and currently working through her pre workshop material and the changes in myself and my horse have been absolutely astounding.

My normally extremely head shy horse (extreme as in he’s broken my foot in the past trying to escape when I accidentally touched his ear) now rests his head in my lap while I massage plastic bags and ropes over his head.
The other day he offered me haunches-in, despite the fact that I’ve never taught it to him.
Cannot wait to get right into the workshop in July.

Highly recommend it to anyone.

Since beginning to work with you, I have learned to notice and catch myself when my thoughts wander and jump from one to the next. This is a BIG thing for me. It is the first step in being able to get better control of my ADHD and be more present with my horses.

I know things will only get better once our workshop starts.

I can highly recommend this workshop, Anna is such a beautiful teacher, the content has great depth and expanse, all horse owners would benefit enormously from attending it and wonderful benefit to Horses ! high professional standard !

Anna, you are the bright shining star and all horse owners need to become trainers, they are weather they know it or not! You are not only a master trainer but a beautiful one that inspires your horses, cares and loves them, sadly that seems very rare! Its the new path, its world leading knowledge, people and Horses are so safe with your methods and it leaves both horses and humans lives deeply enriched! I and my horses are the lucky ones to have found you!

Margaret Wood, Australia, second testimony
My work on calming is really starting to pay off. I’ve had a couple beautiful sessions with Smoothie, where he doesn’t escalate into any of his anxious behaviors. I have to pause frequently to allow both of us to go back to a truly calm state, but we are getting there more and more frequently. Yesterday, we took a nice long hack down the dirt road. We were passed by a school bus, a garbage truck, and a tractor hauling a huge hay wagon. Any one of these things would normally send Smoothie into a panic, but yesterday he just kept plodding along, flicking his ears back to me to make sure everything was ok…..I was so proud!
Cathy Auge, USA
Anna, I know you told me this would happen….but it just did….and I want to share it!
I have been working on Don’t Do It with Smoothie for a little over a month, so he has the concept down pretty well. Today, we had to have the vet out to treat a wound on his hind legs that he got last week. It was very tender and sore. He kept lifting the leg and threatening to kick the vet. So I started using my Don’t Do It cue…..no clicker or treats…..just “Good Boy” and pets as a reward. Each time, he put the foot right back on the ground and stood for a period of time.

I remember you telling me, that once he internalized the cue, I could use it for all sorts of things. I just wanted everyone else to know what practical value there is to this cue!!

Cathy Auge, USA, second testimony
It is ur destiny Anna. What u were born to do. To help others with their horses and to better not only horses lives but peoples too. Through understanding, education, patience, connecting, and CALM! But also a little bit of magic too. This course has become way more than “just” a course with my horse… this is effectively helping me discover my true self and what i really want from life! & Anna is instrumental in coaching me through this really really “difficult to swallow” time! Its a change for the good! I will continue on Annas courses forever as long as she will have me!
I was watching your training videos and they had me in tears! The calmness, the beauty, the freedom of choice for the horse it’s just amazing!!! I wish everyone was like this with their horses. It was so beautiful to see that each horse was allowed to show their personality and they did love love love it!!!!
Kathryn Mc Allen, Australia

I need to say I can’t get enough of your words and photos. I have recently “discovered” You through a friend who is going to take part in one of your courses and is obviously same crazy about You and your methods. I didn’t even buy your books yet… and already my work with my horse got more positive as your words and videos did something essential and important to me: they made me realize it’s OK to treat the horse like I always felt I should: always with kindness and full respect they deserve. Unfortunately through the influence of some (which was just my problem and my own to let it mess with my head) I thought it might be the wrong way to go since “I should get what I want from the horse at all costs”…This is not the path I want to follow. I felt incredible amounts of support towards the idea I always had of how to work with my horse.. I put it in practice and my mare and I had a wonderful time during the training. Nobody got frustrated. There was peace and calmness present. Everybody WON! Anna YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I believe there are many people like me.. those who feel deep inside them that some ways of regular training methods are wrong but not confident enough to believe in themselves and let the inner voice resonate and take over! I’m naturally a very calm person and my training methods are soft, but I needed You to get more confidence in this soft, calm and respectful approach. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

Kari Lamb, Poland

Well, my relationship with my horse made the biggest change some years ago when I started to really notice when she noticed that I had noticed! Lol!

To put it more simply, I started to become AWARE of the small things that were important to her. And she was just so happy that finally I was noticing!

This all felt way more than just ‘cues’, ‘behaviour’, ‘marking’ and ‘response’ etc. It was more like a mental and emotional connection; a recognition and an ‘honouring’ of each other. A little like a successful first date, I guess ?

I think that, in such moments, we can all glimpse True Unity, whatever our experience. Relocating that connection can prove elusive – especially when you actively seek it rather than nourish it and let it bloom – but you still want more! ?

You really do have a gift, Anna. Not just with your training with your horses; that speaks for itself. Crucially, you have found a way to not only describe the general principles for a process for finding True Unity but also how to apply this in finding Joy in ‘doing’ things together.

And more than that, your reply above teaches me the beautiful idea that, at this level, Being can BE Doing and vice versa.

This was a REAL ‘lightbulb’ moment for me!

By re-describing Being and Doing as two aspects of the same thing (like Yin & Yang), I can tell that you have dissolved a huge, self-imposed mental block for me

I was splitting the One into Two. I now see that there is no division in True Unity! Obviously! Lol!

I feel so inspired!

This was EXACTLY what Jo and I have been waiting for.

Steve Miller, feedback after OneHorseLife Live Workshop in UK
Pani Aniu zmieniam siebie i swoje życie :) Przede wszystkim mój spokój – nie zmieniam konia tylko wyciszam siebie, zamykam oczy, rozluźniam napięte mięśnie wyrównóję oddech a Begonia sama na to odpowiada. Spokój zmienia moje życie i w pracy i w domu u w stajni! Druga sprawa to szukanie pozytywów w każdej sytuacji z jaką mam styczność. Rozpoczynamy dzień w domu życząc sobie wzajemie miłego dnia, uśmiechu i sukcesów :) Życie jest piękne gdy się uśmiechamy! Dziękuję!
Iwona Andruszkiewicz, Poland
Today, my daughter (11 yrs old) and I were doing Language Arts, something she struggles with and normally leads to behavior that wears my patients thin and I normally act in a way that is not positive or productive, and we both feel hurt afterwards. BUT today when my daughter started fighting with the work, I told her that I was going to take a break for a few minutes and let her think about her actions and I was going to think about my actions. I walked outside and listened to the wind, birds and frogs singing. I looked at the sky, the grass and back at my daughter, lying her head on her desk. I thought about Anna’s words yesterday about calmness and to not let thinking and ideas of how I think things should go, get in the way of learning. Then I remembered back on the pre-work material that Anna gave us about after setting boundaries to go back to calmness as if nothing unwanted happened. So I carried myself back into the schoolhouse and continued where we stopped, as if nothing unwanted happened and things went smoother. We worked out where we struggled and we both were happy. My daughter didn’t continue to fight the work, I didn’t say hurtful things and we finished, and had a beautiful afternoon. I changed MY attitude not my daughter’s attitude because of Anna’s workshop. P.s, I won’t have a horse until September, so as it goes, my daughter is making an excellent test subject. ;)
Bonnie Geary, USA
I do not get as anxious about what is happening: how fast things are progressing; why things may go backwards and not fowards. I am aware that the work I have to do is going to get done, and that I can relax in the knowledge that the work can just go at whatever pace makes sense. I am also very much more aware that so much of the work is about my anxiety, my goals — and that my thinking needs to shift from anxiety to calm, and my goals need to change from performance goals to communication goals. And I haven’t done the first module yet!
Laura Baxter, USA
The videos are great! I’d recommend this class to everyone who’d like to develop a great relationship with their horse and achieve true calmness. I think this might be the best money I ever spent and I have only had access to the pre workshop materials so far. Can’t wait til 7th of april! Thank you Anna!

P.S. was at a job interview last week and you were on my shoulder the whole time. I was present, calm and my self. No fears at all! I had no big hopes cause they had 135 applicants but yesterday I found out I got the job! Need I say more? Thank you Anna!

Kajsa Janssen, Sweden
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