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Anna Marciniak, OneHorseLife HQ: Schijndel, the Netherlands



 OneHorseLife Team

Founder of OneHorseLife & BodyMarc
Anna's life's passion is expanding Awareness with the help of horses. Anna's limitless dedication to this subject gave the fruit of OneHorseLife & opened up the gate to the NEW for thousands of people. Now, OneHorseLifers from all around the world experience in flesh and on everyday basis how the changes in their awareness result in the instant access to new skills, and new abilities confirmed and approved by their horses.

Anna passionately teaches her students via Online Classes, Self-Study Courses, publishes books, teaches OneHorseLife Advanced Students at home, and gives OneHorseLife Advanced Clinics around the world.

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Founder of OneHorseLife & BodyMarc
Pawel's passion is Body Awareness, and BodyMarc, OneHorseLife System of expanding body awareness and release tensions, is the ultimate fruit of this passion.

Every month Pawel guides up to 120 students during the dedicated BodyMarc Facebook Live Stream Sessions. Each Session is dedicated to a new subject, thanks to which BodyMarc Practitioners from around the globe can deepen their practice and understanding of how tensions influence body awareness, and how our body awareness reflects always the condition of our general awareness.

You can write to Pawel at

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