Start-Up RIDING: Self-Study Program



OneHorseLife Start-Up RIDING CLASS is focused to show you how to start your horse in a meaningful way, that goes beyond just starting the horse under the saddle. This course will show you how to lay the foundation to your future riding adventures, and as they say – the first experience, the first encounter is the most important one because it sets the direction of all future journey. This course will show you how to do this in the most meaningful, beautiful, free from tensions way.

During this self-paced Course we are going to focus on introducing CALMNESS, two-way communication, cooperation and understanding to your riding. This Class is fully dedicated to show you how your horse wants to guide you to change, so he can invite you to ride him. We are going to work towards the dream of riding in togetherness and unity together with your horse, and I am going to share with you my techniques, organised in steps and lessons, that worked for me and the horses I have been working with and introducing to saddle and saddle work, and that allowed me and my horses to experience right from the start something that I call the Meaningful Riding, the kind of riding that means something more both for the human and for the horse.