OPP Starter Kit GroundWork



“Can’t believe how much I’m learning with this program. If only I’d had this from the start. #gamechanger. ” – Sybil Miller, USA

“I think this really is the best OHL offering so far (and I’ve done a lot of OHL courses which were all really great!): A green 4 year old stallion arrives at Anna’s place and we get to see how she introduces him to OPP right from the start, with calmness and relaxation at the root of everything he will do from now on. Anna really is a genius.

Absolutely brilliant and very highly recommended!!” – Judy Kelly, UK

Optimal Performance Program STARTER-KIT

I want to show you as much as possible, and I want to give you a GOOD FAT SOLID STARTER-KIT to Optimal Performance Program at the affordable price.


  • Already know *something* about Optimal Performance Program, but want to have a solid step-by-step base to introduce it to your horse due to behavioural issues,
  • Know *nothing* about OPP but follow me here on Facebook and feel like you want to learn more, and feel the “itch” to start to practice it with your own horses!,
  • Think about full OPP Self-Study or Guided Program but wonder what it is about and if this is something you will be able to do with your horse, and what profits it offers,
  • Want to see how I solve everyday issues and challenges with a green stallion based on Optimal Performance Program principles,
  • Want to see how to give your horse good manners, everyday-life skills, and social skills through OPP,
  • Want to see how I introduce a new stallion to a part of my herd so it’s a safe and good experience for everyone,
  • Want to introduce OPP to your future green horses,
  • Want to see how and in which areas of life, and to what extent Conscious Muscle Relaxation changes horses.
  • Want to see what is the WORKING POWER behind OPP.


  • Weekly 20-30 minute video to sum-up the training of the given week.
  • Weekly 10-minute CLOSE-UP video showing how I introduced the most important aspects of the training to the horse with my voice-over commentary.
  • OPP Starter-KIT is designed especially to show you the REAL-LIFE application of Optimal Performance Program, and to show you the journal
  • Possibility to follow my BLOG about the training of the horse (website password protected access).

This program is meant to give you a SOLID KICK-START on your journey with Optimal Performance Program, however cannot be treated as Replacement of the Full Optimal Performance Program (which has over 60 tutorial step-by-step videos, and 2 Theory and Practical WorkBooks, plus a training plan and week by week practical application plans).


Optimal Performance Program Starter-KIT is especially designed to take you through the raw process, the full journey with all ups and downs with a horse I don’t know. While the regular OneHorseLife Courses are oriented around the Techniques and Knowledge they are meant to deliver, OPP Starter-KIT will be oriented around the HORSE.

This means that all the techniques, their application, and customisation of the training will be tailor-made for this particular horse, his development and needs. You will learn how I make decisions, and why I make the decisions I make. You will learn when I introduce certain stages of OPP training and why.

During normal courses I create a MAP for you and your horse. In the OPP-Starter-KIT we will be exploring the real terrain called REAL LIFE of training a new, young horse using the MAPS I share with my students in the courses I teach.

This means that you will not learn the whole OPP Program out of this course, but you can walk with me a TERRITORY that I explore using the OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE PROGRAM TOOLS.

OPP STARTER-KIT is a REAL-LIFE Journal of a Young Horse

The horse with whom I am going to work is a green 4yo Spanish Stallion. He is healthy, and doesn’t have any bad history and bad events behind him. He is unbroken to the saddle and green regarding his handling. He knows people, and has been very basically handled (haltered, led) before. He is a typical young horse one dreams to reward oneself with in order to fulfil one’s dreams about the bright dressage future together. He belongs to the competing European Dressage Rider, who wants to excel in dressage field later on with this horse. He was carefully chosen given his confirmation, character, and gaits.

He came to OneHorseLife HQ in order to reassure the best possible start into his future life as a dressage horse exposed to many stressful situations, and a training which is demanding physically and mentally even to a young horse.

Let me take you on this exciting journey, and let’s explore some territory together, using the maps of OPP.

I just cannot wait to do it together with you!!!