NEXT LEVEL Riding Course: From GOOD to AWESOME

30 Rides to Take Your Riding to the NEXT LEVEL & Transform Your Horse
  • 30 training sessions showing day-to-day progression, challenges and flow of work from the beginning till the end of every training session, and work plan for 30 RIDES,
  • 6 recorded Webinars to provide deeper understanding,
  • Professional training plans,
  • FOOD FOR EYES, HEART and MIND of every equestrian.
  • Starting date: 1st December 2020



The NEXT LEVEL: RIDING COURSE “From Good to Awesome” is an exceptional riding tutorial focused on showing and explaining how in a quick, effective, and down-to-earth practical way open-up the real potential of your horse and improve his gaits, character, and rideability by working on:

  • Relaxation,
  • Contact,
  • Straightness,
  • Energy,
  • Engagement and beginnings of Collection.

The NEXT LEVEL Riding Course: From GOOD to AWESOME is built of 30 20-minutes training videos with voiceover focused on step by step guidance, and easy to follow explanations. You will also get an invitation to 6 Zoom Meetings. These meetings will be recorded and available for later viewing.

I will show you how by working on deepening the RELAXATION of your horse and releasing RESIDUAL TENSIONS in different phases of movement you can take your riding up to the NEXT LEVEL & move from “Good” to “Awesome” in literally no time.

THE NEW FACTOR brought to light by the NEXT LEVEL: Riding Course is the Tendencies of the given horse in every gait and in different transitions, and how by knowing them you can better understand your horse and help him overcome the background & unaware behavioral currents that influence his responses and can make riding unnecessarily difficult and full of frustration for both, the horse and the rider.

It’s time to move to the NEXT LEVEL together!

You will learn:

  • What is contact and how to achieve contact during riding,
  • How to incorporate relaxation and releasing residual tensions to riding,
  • How to use relaxation to improve the gaits of the horse,
  • How to straighten your horse using contact and relaxation,
  • How to increase the energy of your horse using relaxation and contact,
  • How to plan training sessions using purpose, structure, and proactive approach,
  • How to get from GOOD to AWESOME!

In Anna’s words:

The NEXT LEVEL RIDING is not a continuation of any course, it’s an answer to questions we have been getting on how we ride and train horses presented in a tutorial manner, which easy to follow for anyone who wishes to enjoy the similar vibe and dreams of similar results with their horses from the saddle. I think it’s impossible to do a mass course about riding because every horse is different, has different tendencies and past experiences, and therefore needs a different approach, same with riders. What you can gain here is a chance to see how I work with horses on Relaxation, Contact, Straightness, and Energy from the saddle, and gain inspiration, insights, awareness, and a great plan ready to adapt for your training sessions from the day to day.

In the words of Participants:

“If you are looking for a horse trainer,  PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT OneHorseLife COURSES FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR HORSE!!!

Now, that being said…

I was looking for training that is sustainable and TRULY RELAXES your horse and not treat them like some kind of machine, in which you put in information and get a result out. Things like natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement work, but horses do not relax up to a deep level.

I have been working with Leo, a pony. He was great in all the things I asked from him. He would do anything! So that was not the problem at all. But, he always felt tense. So I was looking for a solution for this. I wanted to help him to relax his mind and his muscles! And then I found Anna. Our relationship changed a lot! We are now both so happy doing things together and his muscles feel so much more relaxt. The changes in the horses I have been working with are mesmerizing! You literally feel muscles loosing tension under your hand!!

Whether you like it or not, working with horses is a lot about your own mindset. And in the beginning I was like, there is nothing wrong with my mindset. I am clear and kind to the horses I work with. But at hindsight I must admit that I also felt some blockages in working with my horses. I wanted things to be perfect! I didn’t feel good enough and I wanted to do good for my horses.

I have been following three courses with OneHorseLife now and it’s amazing!!!! I learned what true relaxation is (which is not being in some kind of zombie-mode hahhaha). I learned to be open and that gives so much joy to me and the horses, even more than before! Don’t delay happiness! The changes in the horses is so big! The lessons are inspiring and the actions seems simple but become meaningful and are therefore so so so effective.

It’s not positive nor negative reinforcement, but it’s about you and your horse being together as two beings and that’s what makes OneHorseLife so special. It’s super effective in brining relaxation and joy in working with your horse which gives amazing result. I mean, have a look at the video’s where Anna rides Roma. This horse was good, nothing wrong with it, but now it’s just amazing to watch!!!! I get goose bumps and I wish there is a day I can work with horses the way they do!” – Sophie, TheNetherlands


“I’ve had 4 rides on my horse since starting this course and his walk has improved so much already! He did a lot of snorting during the first two rides. His walk is now much less sticky and more forward with longer strides. His regularity and elevation have also improved according to the sensor I use when riding which also confirms what I was feeling. My sister has commented that he looks much happier too. (The weather hasn’t been very good so two of the rides were only about 15 mins walking big shapes around the field and the other two were hacks which were longer but again pretty much all in the walk.) Looking forward to seeing how much more improvement we can have.” – Laura, UK


“I wanted to express my gratitude to you and Paweł Marciniak for imparting the knowledge you have to us through this course. I have had my horse for over 13 years and have struggled tremendously with true contact, with no trainers being able to really steady his contact. Initially he use to grind his teeth non-stop then only when tense, and with your method, I am experiencing rides where he is consistent on the contact with no grinding throughout the entire ride, which is blissful. Thank you! I will also be going to a Ride-and-Go Dressage competition next weekend with him, it will be the first time we will have competed in three years due to not feeling like any real improvements have been made, but with your training, I feel like we have overcome so many hurdles and am keen to see the progress we have made. I will keep you posted!” – Chantelle, South Africa


“I love how you can make everything look so easy and light, even though it requires a tremendously skilled and experienced rider to train a horse like that and there is a lot of hard work in it. In my opinion, that is what makes it so beautiful – the ease in it. When I see a stiff rider on a stiff horse, then I think – uff, that must be hard work – and there is simply no beauty in it, no matter how many flashy movements they are doing. Roma looks better and better with every lesson and now she is getting better even faster than in the beginning! To me, it seems like in your 30th lesson she will be just flying above the ground like a pegasus 🙂 I love watching your progress and cannot wait to see more, her extended trots are breathtaking.” – Tereza, Czech Republic