MINI-HUGE-COURSE: Get Your Horse SUPER RELAXED with OPP Relaxation Technique

Your Soft and Loving horse is closer than you think! Learn with Anna's help the basics of the Tension & Relaxation Universal Language and teach your horse OPP Relaxation Technique and transform your Life with your horse, and your ability to communicate with all living beings today.



Your beautiful, soft and happy horse is CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!
The horse that you sense your horse can be is just behind the veil of tensions which often take over his ability to think, feel and act, and cause him to look grumpy, irritated, absent, lose patience, lose interest in the training, suddenly explode, act out, re-direct his tensions onto you (nipping, pushing, biting), or not be able to carry on with the training at all (disconnecting, freezing, becoming lazy). These tensions are also making your horse look old, tired, stiff in the body or simply sad.

In this MINI-COURSE, you are going to learn about the Universal Language that is common to all living beings and therefore can be understood by your and your horses’ bodies at the same time, and exactly in the same way. This is an extraordinary tool in understanding horses, and the real reasons behind their motivation, emotions, behaviors and choices that goes WAY BEYOND interpreting horses’ behaviors and body language.

Knowledge, understanding, and ability to “Speak” in the Relaxation-Tension Language (which is not pressure/release system) with your horse and other beings (people, dogs, cats, etc.) is like passing through the portal to another Universe of communication.

In this MINI-COURSE, you are going to learn:

  • Basics of Tension-Relaxation Universal Language of communication,
  • How to communicate intensions and read intensions of your horse and what he really wants to tell you through the Universal Language of Tension-Relaxation,
  • What are tensions and what is relaxation,
  • What is training based on Tensions, and what is Training based on Relaxation,
  • How Relaxation is the gate to better movement, bigger straightness, and greater energy and health of your horse.
  • Understand the nature of Tensions, what they are and why some horses collect them,
  • How to reverse the pattern of feeling-following and storing tensions,
  • How tensions affect the body, mood, and character of your horse,
  • How tensions affect movement patterns of your horse and the way he uses his body,
  • How to feel the real essence behind of behaviors of your horse by using Tension-Relaxation Universal Language,
  • The NEW OPP Relaxation Technique for Horses, and how to introduce it to your horse and teach him how to Consciously Relax his skeletal and smooth muscles in a way that is 100% aware and can be performed independently of your presence by your horse (so that he can do it even if he is alone, and you cannot visit him as often as you can. This is a fantastic tool for every trainer who wishes their horses to improve their level of muscles’ relaxation, and better mood and be emotionally independent of other horses’ moods and behaviors even if they are not attended by their owners every single day due to lack of time and other reasons).

DURING 14-DAYS of this MINI-COURSE I will show you from scratch my OPP Relaxation Technique for Horses and Humans based on conscious muscle relaxation of Optimal Performance Program, updated with my newest findings and experiences I gained.

I will also be by your side for these 14 DAYS to make sure you and your horse really GET IT!

Let’s start this incredible journey into discovering who you and your horse really are.

Below comes the video of my student Klara, and her horse Kessie practicing my NEW RELAXATION TECHNIQUE for just 10 minutes. During JUST 10 MINUTE SESSION, Klara discovered that her mare, who was said to not want to connect with people and be an introvert-type, awakened the desire to be with her owner and share emotional closeness. This session ended up with tears!


This MINI-COURSE is a great first step into training with me and getting to know and understand the working power behind the Optimal Performance Program, and my view on horse training and the language of Tension-Relaxation that, in my eyes, is the base and the roots of every communication that takes place between us and our animals. It’s also a great chance for all Optimal Performance Program students to get a refresher course and clean-up their practice with their horse and PURIFY their Relaxation Technique experience, now with NEW ASPECTS and NEW UNRELEASED BEFORE supporting techniques which will lead you to closest possible emotional and physical connection with your horse.

Let’s MEET UP for who we really are.