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NEXT LEVEL COURSE: Setting Boundaries

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Re-Claim Order, Balance, Direction & Calm

Desire to set boundaries is coming from a very deep intuitive desire to bring order into something that lacks that order. It’s just misplaced and misunderstood, but the initial intuitive desire is very good. In our NEXT LEVEL COURSE: Setting Boundaries you are going to learn how to provide order that organizes and clarifies everything between you and your horse, removes all obstacles and allows you and your horse to move forward, leaving the luggage of past experiences and emotional struggle behind.


In the NEXT LEVEL COURSE: Setting Boundaries you are going to learn how to:


  • Reclaim Balance for everyone engaged,
  • Stand in Your Power without turning aggressive, 
  • Understand what your horse requests from you,
  • Bring in organizing forces,
  • Find sense and direction,
  • Move forward,
  • Embrace your path.

To bring ORDER you cannot be suppressing or breaking your horse. You cannot do dysfunctional control if you want to grow. Moments of being in need of setting boundaries are the turning points when your relationship with your horse can return on the right path. It means that things were not perfect before, and you can make them perfect now.


Setting Boundaries is a call for action. It calls you to bring in order and clarity coming from stepping into the roles everyone should have when they are together. It’s a call to become someone your horse DEEPLY NEEDS. It’s an ultimate test of every relationship, and you can either pass it or fail it.



NEXT LEVEL COURSE: Setting Boundaries

Our Next Level Course: Setting Boundaries is an EXCEPTIONAL chance for you to go through the whole process of Setting Boundaries, from A to Z, with direct help and guidance from Anna Marciniak, founder of OneHorseLife.com. No matter if you are struggling with a bitting issue, pushiness, clumsiness, lack of focus, spookiness or if your horse is acting as if you were never there, you will find a solution for this problem in this course with Anna’s help.

“Anna has an exceptional feel and an in-depth understanding of humans and horses. It’s pure magic to observe how boundaries set in the way presented by Anna instantly bring order, calm and support creating a deep understanding and bond between a horse and human, and opens them up to be together in the ways that were not possible before.” 

NEXT LEVEL COURSE: Setting Boundaries will provide:

  • Clear and step-by-step instruction of what to do in order to feel SAFE & CALM with your Horse,
  • How not to become aggressive when the horse is acting out, yet be able to bring order and calm,
  • How to solve the issue of boundaries in such a way that the problem is not coming back in the future,
  • ABC of setting boundaries in an effective, safe, clear, straight-forward, emotion-free way.
  • Tools to build up trust and grow together with your horse through the process.

You will receive:

  • 4 WEEKS of guidance from Anna and Pawel Marciniak,
  • 4 MODULES with visual, and written materials,
  • Video tutorials made in an easy-to-follow way,
  • Step-By-Step Exercises to practice with your horse,
  • Relaxation-based techniques for YOU to release tension memory-nets from your body and allow you to approach old situations with a “new” body and mind,
  • Lifetime Access to all materials.



Starting date: 14th NOVEMBER 2020

Duration: 4 WEEKS


Anna in the eyes of her students:

“Anna teaches you a lot in a clear and humble way, she will also stay by your side to help you throughout the journey you are on. She is always open to questions and will leave you feeling respected and seen. She is sincere, passionate and funny.” 

“Anna is an internationally known, successful horse trainer. She’s been training horses for more than ten years professionally, and I believe that she has figured out the right and the wrong ways of setting boundaries. Anna is very skilled in listening to what horses are telling her, and how to respond to that. She is not letting her emotions rule the decision-making process when setting boundaries is on the table and has always the health and welfare of the horse in mind. That is why I think she is the right person to teach us about setting the boundaries.”