OPP & RTRT 140H BOOT CAMP: JULY 2023, Payment Plan

2000.00 / month for 3 months and a 1100.00 sign-up fee


Payment plan: 3 monthly instalments of 2000 Euro + VAT

Plus: 1100 Euro reservation fee



140H OPP & RTRT BOOT CAMP 16- 31 JULY 2023

July is a great time to partake in the OPP &RTRT 140H Boot Camp: the weather is fantastic and the temperatures are pure delight. The beating heart of Noord Brabant, the most equestrian oriented part of the Netherlands, is where the Boot Camps takes place. It will be nice & warm, green, mornings and evenings will be fresh to prepare you for the day ahead and cool you off after time intensively spent! And me, Anna and 10 of my best prepared horses will be ready to support you fully in the learning process. At this time o the year the Nature is coming to the full blossom and so will you: we will squeeze every day to the maximum and take your horse training hard core skills up to the Next Level. I will gently push you past your current limits. I will make you GET IT.


It doesn’t matter who you are, and on which level you are with your horse at home. The only thing that matters is THIS MOMENT: a new horse, a new task, and if you can carry it to the end. To me, the magic starts here especially when it’s infused with Conscious Relaxation Skills. You will learn how to TUNE IN, RELAX yourself & your horse, NOTICE OBSTACLES, REMOVE THEM through Relaxation means and then SEE RESULTS FLOWING YOUR WAY.

I will guide you beyond the point where you usually quit.

Let’s talk:

How many skills have you learned in your Life that you never use? How many courses have you started, but never truly finished? How many exercises, training ideas you start every year and never complete? During this BOOT CAMP you will get the full-package: the theory, the practice, the skills but most importantly I show you how to use them to maximum, until they become a part of you, until they become your DNA. Until you put them at use without seeing a difference between YOU and the SKILL. Until you will be able to JUST ACT leading every action from the place of the deepest self, from the place of the True You.


We will take all the Theory, and we will turn it into your Reality through the most intensive horse training practice of your entire life:

  • 14 DAYS
  • 140 H Horse Training, Conscious Relaxation & Theory
  • 10 H / DAY

We will train in a small group highly committed to learning. OPP & RTRT BOOT CAMP Experience is especially designed for highly motivated students and aspiring teachers. There will be no hiding. I will see you and I will see what holds you back. And we will go through and beyond it.

I promise you one thing: after the first few days you will get tired, and you will get into the place that is emotionally very difficult. This is a place where you usually give up, slow down, handicap yourself. No matter if this is laziness, lack of skills, or doubts creeping in. No matter if this is uncertainty or indecisiveness of what to do next. You will get to this extremely uncomfortable place, a place where people writhe like snakes, and escape it. But I will show you how to STAY THERE, and how to get beyond it.

I will see the potential in you which you don’t see in yourself, and I will take it out.

  • You will gain Strength
  • You will awaken Will
  • You will get Motivation
  • & You will have the Results
  • During This Boot Camp you will learn how to get things DONE.

Whether you are holding back because you don’t understand something, or fear failure, I will get and keep you going. Whether you don’t see how theory translates into practice, lack skills, tools or just got into this awful habit of giving up and resigning from YOU and YOUR DREAMS second before they could have got completed, just because someone convinced you that you are not this successful person, or that your dreams of achieving something and getting things done are bad… Don’t worry. I will make you dig deep in yourself, and find motivation, and find strength and will to carry on.

You will learn how to have a dream, and how to turn it into Reality. And you will see that this Sparkle will enliven you, and will take you through everything else in your Life (not only in horse training arena).

This Course is 100% about gaining a skill and squeezing it too maximum:

  • Seeing yourself succeeding,
  • Seeing yourself having results,
  • Seeing yourself gaining Skills and putting them 100% into Practice,
  • Seeing yourself taking things from A to Z,

— Will give you Power to face and complete anything in your Life.


  • 14 FULL DAYS
  • 140 H Theory and Practice
  • 28 H of Guided BodyMarc Sessions
  • 8 H / DAY of Horse Training Practice
  • 14-DAY Training with Anna’s Horses in the Netherlands


  • 14 DAYS of Intensive Learning Training in the Netherlands
  • Learning IN PERSON from Anna and OneHorseLife Horses,
  • Going Beyond What Holds You Back,
  • FULL EXPERIENCE of Optimal Performance Program
  • Residual Tensions Release Therapy: Learning Technique Human on Human + Practice with Anna’s Horses + Anna’s Masterclasses Trainings with TOP HORSES and explanations second by second as the trainings evolve + Riding DEMOS showing you how to apply these techniques from the saddle.
  • 1 Individual Training a Day adapted to match your training level and assure you gain MAXIMUM from this experience,
  • Your Training HORSE PARTNER will be waiting here for you (no need to bring your own horse),
  • It’s possible to extend your stay with ONE EXTRA WEEK and learn RTRT Long Reins application as well!


  • VEGAN LUNCH included: Biodynamic, organic VEGAN lunch cooked by Anna, water during the day, herbal teas and fruits to keep you going powered with natural sugars straight from Mother Nature.
  • Accommodation is not included. We have lovely accommodation with ONLY THREE MoRE ROOMS AVAILABLE that is just walking distance from the yard that you can book for yourself. Accommodation provides Breakfast!
  • No need to hire a car. You will just need to take an Uber to the Amsterdam Airport or Eindhoven Airport to Schijndel where we are located at Stall Witte, and from there we will start the venue!
  • Travel Insurance for EU,
  • Souvenirs for your family.



  • A 1100 Euro one-time non-refundable Deposit must be made to reserve your seat. The deposit will be applied towards overall tuition. The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more: anna@onehorselife.com


  • DEPOSIT FEE: 1100 Euro + VAT

The one-time non-refundable deposit will be applied towards overall tuition. The deposit is a non-refundable fee to reserve your seat, and let us proceed with booking and preparation of your Boot Camp horse partner.

  • 1st Instalment June: 2000 Eur0 + VAT
  • 2nd Instalment July: 2000 Euro + VAT
  • 3rd Instalment August: 2000 Euro + VAT


  • Cancellation is possible up to 14 DAYS prior to the Boot Camp starting date.
  • In case of Cancellation all your instalment payments will be refunded to your bank account within 90 DAYS from the date of the cancellation.
  • Refund does not include the non-refundable 1100 Euro + VAT Deposit Fee.
  • By purchasing the OPP & RTRT 140H BOOT CAMP Payment Plan you agree with Payment Plan Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies.