ANNA’S RIDING METHOD. MODULE 9: GYMNASTICS EXERCISES (Shoulder-in, Counter shoulder-in, Travers, Renvers)

This Module comes with:

  • Lifetime access to all Module 9 Materials,
  • Written step-by-step Module 1 materials and how-to video tutorials to study at home,
  • Audio lessons to listen to while you ride your horse!
  • Joining Community of like-spirited fellow student riders who are equally open, horse-friendly and motivated as you! (it’s not a joke, OneHorseLife connects people for a lifetime!!).



ANNA’S RIDING METHOD Course is built of 11 MODULES. Each module will be released and sold separately in order to make the course as available and accessible for everyone as possible! Because every rider deserves to RIDE TO THE ABSOLUTE MAX OF THEIR ABILITIES, and every horse DESERVES TO BE RIDDEN WELL!



MODULE 9: GYMNASTICS EXERCISES (Shoulder-in, Counter shoulder-in, Travers, Renvers)

Many trainers teach Shoulder-in and Travers using combinations of many aids. In effect executing these movements becomes overcomplicated for the rider and for the horse. In this module you will learn how to ride shoulder-in and traverse using very straightforward method which is immediately understandable for every horse. Methods which we use in Anna’s Riding Method for shoulder-in and traverse keep horses relaxed and open in movement. There is no blocking or artificial bending. Instead we apply simplicity and openness which make everything very effective.

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