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Teaching Relaxed Walk & Relaxing the Pelvis

FROM WALK TO PIAFFE: RELAXING THE WALK We will guide you through the process of teaching a horse a beautiful piaffe. The first step is to ensure that the horse is relaxed and has an active pelvis. Throughout the exercises, it’s vital that the horse remains relaxed, even when using a whip to add energy.

MODULE 1: Biomechanics of Piaffe

As a horse trainer, you may wonder when to teach your horse the piaffe exercise. Some trainers believe that piaffe should only be taught towards the end of a horse’s training when they know all the Grand Prix elements. However, others suggest teaching piaffe early on during the horse’s dressage training as it is a

“From Walk to Piaffe” Course Release Coming Soon! 🐴

Dear “From Walk to Piaffe” Course Participants! We hope this message finds you well and excited for the “From Walk to Piaffe” Online Course with OneHorseLife. We have a positive update to share with you regarding the release of the first module of the course. Due to the delightful surprise birthday celebrations for our founder,