Online Consultation

Amazing opportunity to consult your case with Anna live!


Success is in the details! No matter if you are at the beginning of your journey with OneHorseLife, and you are considering buying your first course with Anna, or maybe you have already taken the first step (book, first course…) and you are wondering which way to go with your horse and which of our courses would take your training to the next level? — from today on you can consult your situation with Anna to choose the best possible option for you and your horse.


Anna’s energetic and effective approach is all about fine tuning all possible details in order to simply get more from Life for you and your horse. Among her students Anna is know as the DEAL MAKER, the person that enables success and has the most unbelievable talent for making things happen, getting things done from A to Z. As an inventor of her methods she obviously knows them very well and will help you make the right decisions and plan your training, and career with your horse. Step by step, you will be guided with expertise and confidence, you will feel safe and secure with a renewed sense of direction, and in result you will become successful.


Sometimes we start a new path laden with too much old experience and the habits that come with it. Sometimes people get that one crucial thing, idea or part of the practice twisted and nothing works. Consultation with Anna will help you to clean your practice of unnecessary ballast, fine-tune your training sessions, and enter the path of Conscious Relaxation for horses with TOTAL ENERGY, CONFIDENCE, ENGAGEMENT & SUCCESS.


And all of that will happen in a cheerful and lighthearted atmosphere, simply because Anna is the sweetest person we know !


It’s possible to show a short video (max 10min) showing your problem during consultation. The video must be available via YouTube or Vimeo link!