MINI-HUGE-COURSE: Get Your Horse SUPER RELAXED with OneHorseLife’s Most Powerful Relaxation Technique.

Your Soft and Loving horse is closer than you think! Learn with Anna's help the basics of the Tension & Relaxation Universal Language and teach your horse OPP Relaxation Technique and transform your Life with your horse, and your ability to communicate with all living beings today.

Discover the art of transforming your horse’s daily spontaneous moments of relaxation into Conscious Relaxation. This skill empowers your horse to self-regulate and self-calm, providing them with a reliable tool for maintaining tranquility, even amidst the tumult of real-life day-to-day challenges.

Mini HUGE Course in OneHorseLife’s Relaxation Technique:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the universal language of Relaxation, enhancing communication with your horse.
    Identify and alleviate tensions for improved well-being and performance of your horse.
    Master the OPP Relaxation Technique for deeper emotional and physical connection with your horse.

Your Benefits:

  • Lifetime access to all the materials of the Mini HUGE Course for continuous learning and improvement.
  • Gain insights into innovative, previously unreleased techniques for horse relaxation.
  • Achieve a closer emotional and physical bond with your horse, transforming tensions into trust.
  • This Course material is not overlapping with any of OneHorseLife Courses.

Ideal For:

  • Equestrians seeking to deepen their understanding and connection with their horses.
  • New and existing students of OneHorseLife looking for a foundational or refresher course making you fully tuned-in to the heart of why OneHorseLife’s methods are so successful.
  • Anyone aiming to enhance their horse’s well-being and performance through a unique approach to training.



Unlock a World of Harmony and Understanding with Your Horse

Mini HUGE Course in OneHorseLife’s Relaxation Technique

Discover the Path to a Serene, Joyful, and Harmonious Bond with Your Horse – A Journey of Transformation Begins here!

Your quest for a deeper connection and understanding with your horse begins here. Imagine a relationship where tensions dissolve into trust, where each moment is an opportunity for growth and happiness. This isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality that’s within your grasp, closer than you’ve ever imagined.

In this Mini HUGE Course, you are going to learn about the Universal Language that is common to all living beings and therefore can be understood by your and your horse at the same time, and exactly in the same way. This is an extraordinary tool in understanding horses, and the real reasons behind their motivation, emotions, behaviors and choices that goes WAY BEYOND interpreting horses’ behaviors and body language.

Knowledge, understanding, and ability to “Speak” in the Relaxation Language (which is not pressure/release system) with your horse and other beings (people, dogs, cats, etc.) is like passing through the portal to another Universe of inter-species communication.

Why This Course?

In the heart of every horse lies a potential for profound peace and cooperation, often obscured by layers of tension and misunderstanding. These hidden barriers not only affect their well-being but also their ability to engage and learn. Recognising and releasing these tensions can transform your horse from a state of unease to one of ease and joy to perform, and readiness to connect on a deeper level.

What You Will Discover:

The Mini HUGE Course in OneHorseLife’s Relaxation Technique offers you a comprehensive guide to unlocking the secrets of a tension-free bond with your horse. Through this self-study course, you will learn:

  • The Language of Relaxation and Tension: Uncover the universal communication that transcends species, enabling you to understand and interact with your horse in a profoundly new way.
  • The Essence of True Relaxation: Explore the difference between training based on tension and one that fosters relaxation, and how the latter can lead to better movement, health, and vitality.
  • The Impact of Tensions: Gain insights into how tensions affect your horse’s mood, body, and behavior, and learn strategies to identify and alleviate them.
  • OPP Relaxation Technique for Horses: Master the groundbreaking technique that teaches your horse how to consciously relax, enhancing their emotional well-being and independence.
  • Personal Guidance and Insights: Throughout duration of this self-paced & self-study course, you are always welcomed to contact Anna directly and ask questions and share short videos from your training sessions to seek guidance and support.

You are going to learn from scratch the OneHorseLife’s most powerful Relaxation Technique  based on conscious muscle relaxation of Optimal Performance Program, updated with Anna’s newest findings and experiences she gained while guiding horses and their owners worldwide for over 15 years.

What’s Included?

  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials: Dive into the content at your own pace, with the freedom to revisit and refresh your knowledge anytime.
  • Comprehensive Learning Resources: From instructional videos to detailed guides, get all the tools you need to embark on this transformative journey.
  • Exclusive Insights and Techniques: Discover Anna’s latest findings and methods not released before, enriching your experience and connection with your horse.

Below you can watch video of one of Anna’s students practicing the OneHorseLife’s Relaxation Technique for just 10 minutes. During JUST 10 MINUTE SESSION, the student discovered that her mare, who was said to not want to connect with people and be an introvert-type, awakened the desire to be with her owner and share emotional closeness. This session ended up with tears on the side of the owner, and a really deep release from the horse! This level of connection is the first step to turn unconscious moments of Relaxation into a Consciously Accessed skill – a path that you and your horse are going to walk together during the duration of the course.

Is This Course Right for You?

Dive into a transformative experience with the Mini HUGE Course. Perfect for those new to my teaching or seasoned students seeking to deepen their mastery, this course offers a foundational understanding of OneHorseLife’s Approach. Discover the essential principles of Tension-Relaxation—the cornerstone of communication with your horse, redefined with groundbreaking insights and previously unreleased techniques.

Ideal for both newcomers eager to explore my methods and existing students looking to refine their skills, this course serves as a comprehensive introduction to the transformative power behind my approach to horse training. You’ll gain fresh perspectives and tools to enhance the emotional and physical bond with your horse, achieving a level of connection you’ve only imagined.

Start your journey today. Transform tension into trust and forge a bond of joy and harmony with your horse that transcends expectations.

Embark on this incredible journey to discover the essence of your relationship with your horse. Transform tensions into trust, and unlock the joyful, harmonious bond you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s Begin This Beautiful Journey Together.

Mini Huge Course in OneHorseLife’s Relaxation Technique:

  • Self-paced & self-study Online Course
  • Lifetime access to all course’s materials.
  • Possibility to consult your horse’s progress directly with Anna.