Change seekers - take a peek into the world of Calmness! Enter with empty mind and open heart - and trust me, you will return with so much more than just 'horse tricks' and 'training methods'. The power of calmness in one hand brings clarity and crystal clear reality - while with the other hand it tickles the child inside of you making you giggle and smile to the journey. Cannot recommend highly enough!!
Sari Kaipainen

B.A.S.E. KICK-START is my very special Online Training that is fully dedicated towards introducing you to the new way of being with your horse, that is more focused on you and less on your horse.

The biggest advantage of the B.A.S.E. KICK-START Training is that it’s packed with information and very intense – it’s designed to provide you a clear and complete guidance on how to maximise your and your horse’s true potential. It is a gate to being and training your horse in a way that is nourishing for the body and soul of yourself and your horse.


The awareness we will build during the OneHorseLife B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Training is based on connectedness and true presence.

When you are carried away by your thoughts during the time you have with your horse you are literally consuming the energy that could be used to fulfil your action action on your thoughts and worries. When you are with your horse we need only two operating modes: CALMNESS and ACTION.

Calmness and Action look like the loops of the same sinusoid: You have calmness and then out of calmness you start your action. At first it feels like you lose the calmness when acting, but this is only a temporary feeling and as soon as the calmness gets consolidated you will experience that CALMNESS gives you the power of ACTING, and ACTING makes your experience of calmness stronger. In time you will learn that the two are in fact two flavours of one – the same operating mode called BEING.

Being is Acting when your actions are free of expectations, when you are not focused on the fruits that these actions have to bring you, and when you feel free to change the way you act even during the given action. Being becomes Acting when you are not identifying yourself with the action you take and when you are not attached to the fruits of this action.


From my experience crookedness in humans and horses comes from wrong movement patterns. To achieve real straightness you need to change the movement patterns first. And to change the movement patterns you need to expand the awareness of your horse’s body.

We will focus on relaxing all the muscles that are not used during given exercise. When a horse is moving using only the muscles that are needed to fulfil this movement, this is the proper movement pattern. And that’s why it is so important to train your horse only when he is really CALM and RELAXED.

Relaxation, muscle awareness and strength lead to a very good balance and to a very straight horse.


The Energy is not something that you can collect, maintain or manage. The Energy is not something that you can make bigger, smaller with the whips, flags or clicker-clicks.

The Energy is like a rising wave.
You can join it, like a surfer that joins a wave.

And the bigger is your Calmness, the better is your awareness of the waves you surf, and the Ocean they belong to. There is no way, you can control the Ocean. There is no way, you can make the Ocean bent to your will.

You can connect with the Ocean, and you can try to understand it.
In Calmness you can expand your Awareness to the Ocean, and you can become One with it.

When you are One, you just ACT TOGETHER. Like the Surfer that FEELS the approaching wave and then joins it to help it to express it’s existence to the fullness.

Such acting, together with the waves, makes the Ocean happy.
Such acting, heals the deepest parts of your souls.

If you are called to join Anna Marciniak's course, join this one. Words cannot describe the way she continues to help me wake up ? Empowering, beautifully genuine, soulful & so full of love? teacher is not the right word... She holds the space for each of us meeting us exactly where we are at and reflecting the beauty and wisdom within us until we see it... I mean REALLY see it. Not teacher but the most incredible mentor. I will not go back to sleep ?
Cryshtal Avera
Why is this class so unique?

What makes this class unique is my absolutely individual approach to each student.

During this Class we work in a small group. Everyone is different and needs different approach in order to profit most from each experience. This is why it’s very important for me to keep the individual approach to each student to nourish the path that you are on. Each student will receive my personal attention, time and individual, tailor-made coaching. This means that you can join and profit from OneHorseLife B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Training regardless of your previous experience with horses and ground work.

Before this Class starts, you will get access to PreWorkshop Materials, including step-by-step tutorials and how-to videos prepared to guide you and introduce you to the OneHorseLife philosophies of being with horses and Calmness based training that leads to success.

If you have not followed this class yet, take your chance! ❤️ it will change the relationship you have with your horse, it will make all the dreams you have possible, because it will change you?
I cannot describe in words how close my pony's and I have become❤️
Laura Knoops
The Netherlands
How does it work?

OneHorseLife B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Training is designed to provide you daily support and feedback. Each day you can ask me questions and get suggestions on how to progress further. I advice you to send me around 5-min of video material 5 times a week to get your feedback and guidance before your next training session.

This Class lasts for 1 month: it’s 4 weeks of constant, intensive learning, growing and FUN!


  • Pain free and healthy horse with access to paddocks and other horses,
  • No age limits, but please remember that this training is not to solve any major behavioural problems, such as misbehaving or aggressive young horses,
  • Place to do exercises from the ground,
  • Camera (or just a mobile phone) to record your training sessions,
  • No previous groundwork experience is required,
Charm and I did the B.A.S.E kick start training together with the incredible Anna Marciniak. It was simply amazing. We are ever and always learning, changing and growing and just being here in calmness and now together In calmness. Charn teaches me how to be with her and I am able to truly hear and feel this. I am still learning and growing, I simply love this way. It will change you forever. Highly recommend xxxxx
Nicola Jolly

I will be personally involved in the success of all participants, that’s why the number of students for this Workshop is LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM OF 20 STUDENTS.

Each student will receive:

  • LifeTime Access to all Workshop Materials and Videos,
  • My personal attention, help, advice and feedback on the videos presenting your training sessions with your horse,
  • Possibility to watch videos of other students and their horses and read my feedback,
  • Access to a closed forum for students,
  • Additional pre-WORKSHOP and after-WORKSHOP materials,
  • Possibility to participate in all OneHorseLife Advanced Workshops.


See you in Class!

B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Training SINGLE PAYMENT
B.A.S.E. Kick-Start Training INSTALMENT PLAN
Per Month for 3 following Months