RTRT Long Reins: First Real-Time Response Action Long Reins. Super light. Made to Last.

First Real-Time Response Action Long Reins
  • EXTRA Lightweight.
  • Real-Time Response Action, FINALLY NO DELAYS between you and your horse!
  • Mindblowing tensity of the material, which allows transferring precise and subtle sensations, such as relaxation of different muscle groups in trainer’s hands, precisely to your horse’s mouth.
  • The special design of the RTRT Long Reins’ allows you to FEEL your horse’s mouth even when the contact is slightly “dropped” and you are working from a bigger distance. They are perfect for working in lightness, and for those trainers who value lightness and subtle communication.
  • Suitable for ponies, warmbloods and draft horses. The lightweight of the material (and all elements included) make the RTRT Long Reins perfect for work with horses of all sizes, even small ponies.
  • Made of Biothane. We use only the highest quality of Biothane which is super dense and thick, yet flexible and lies perfectly in the trainer’s hand allowing transferring of the feel from the rider’s hand to the horse’s mouth and vice versa even on long distances, without losing precision and subtlety of the sensations, on both ways.
  • No need to use gloves when working with your horse. This material will not burn your hands!
  • No more tangled Long Reins! Thanks to the superb ratio of density & elasticity our RTRT Long Reins don’t get tangled as easily as others, especially the cotton ones!
  • 100% VEGAN.

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DO SOMETHING NEW WITH YOUR HORSE and have fun together with the RTRT Long Reins:

RTRT LONG REINS kept on selling out so fast that for most of the year we were OUT OF STOCK!!!

Now, finally, we have a big restock and super-low shipping costs worldwide with UPS!

Superb Quality. Made to last. Super Light (under 1kg in total). Designed for Real-Time Response feel. Super quick to give and take. No time lap in the direct feel of your horse’s mouth. Highest quality materials.

RTRT LONG REINS are made out of the highest quality Biothane and have a superb ratio between density and flexibility which allows the reins to glue to your fingers (no need to work in the gloves) and transfer to the horse’s mouth most subtle nuances of the contact even if the contact is superbly light. You will literally experience what does it feel to lead your horse ON A SIKLY THREAD! The width of the RTRT LONG REINS is measured to fit perfectly into the hand of a woman.

RTRT LONG REINS have a great superficial tension that allows signals to be felt without you having to hang onto the reins or work on a more defined contact. They allow work directly behind the horse and up to 10m away from the horse.

RTRT LONG REINS allow contact to stay extra delicate and sensitive. It will keep all your and your horse’s sensations precise and on point no matter what and even if the contact is slightly “dropped”. They are perfect for work in lightness and according to classical principles.