The ENERGY: Self-Study Program


This Book is a very special one. Please think twice, before you buy it.

This Book and Video set is about the Energy. It shows step by step how to expand your awareness to the Energy and how to introduce the Energy to your being with horses.

This journey will require from you to really change and open for new things. If you are not ready to go through such a change, and you are just curious what the Energy is, please do not buy this Book.

Description: This Book and Video Set is a Complete Guide, that will prepare you for all the miracles and gift of the Energy. From moment “0”, to all advanced movements.

Format: E-Book with step-by-step photographs, and with set of video material.

All funds from this Book will be used to build OneHorseLife Energy Centre.



The Energy

Energy is the word that means something. Energy creates movement, power, mass, etc. Energy allows things to happen. We ask you now to forget everything you know about energy and do not try to think or imagine what it is.

We will teach you how to expand your awareness to Energy and feel it directly in your body. With this expanded awareness, you will be able to use the Energy in your everyday play with your horse. To have this direct experience of the Energy you need to know how to expand Body Awareness and how to connect with your body in Calmness.

The more Calmness we have, the more Energy we can have. Calmness is creating space for Energy.

It is very important and very practical knowledge. When we want more energy from our horse, we will go deeper and deeper in our calmness. It is exactly the opposite of mainstream horse training. Many people think that to make your horse move with an energy they need to move their bodies in some “energetic” way. They start to wave hands, whips, start running, jumping, yelling, etc. In fact, this way you CLOSE the Energy. You can only raise the excitement that can lead to running away.

Running away is not an emanation of the Energy, it is an emanation of Fear!

Even teaching a horse to respond to the cues in the “positive way” closes the way to the Energy. When we ask a horse to respond to the cue, there is a tension in you: “will he respond?”, and in your horse: “how to respond?”, and this tension closes the Energy.

The Energy is the state of natural being.

In our natural, normal state of being we have direct access to the Energy. It is the most natural think we can have and use in our lives. You do not need any special knowledge, tools or preparation to use the Energy. The only thing you need is to BE in you NATURAL STATE.
To be in the most natural state we use Calming Technique and BodyMarc. Using these techniques, you will learn how to get, without any effort, into your natural state. We call this state Calmness.

Calmness is state of natural being when thoughts and emotions are not controlling us.

The first step is to expand your Awareness to Calmness, in the way that you will have direct experience of Calmness, and you will know how to act in Calmness.

The Energy is NOT communication. Your horse will not “respond” to your Energy. In fact, during this Course you will learn that the Energy is not even yours. It is an independent being that you will learn to join. And then it will show you how to change to  ALLOW THE THINGS TO HAPPEN FOR YOU. It may sound for you very strange; this is because your Awareness is not expanded to Energy now. Do not think about it too much, just remember that you will NOT communicate with your horse, you will not ask, you will not demand, you will ACT.

Format: E-Book with step-by-step photographs, exercises and lessons to follow. All supported with the Set of Video Material to make sure that you can experience the very same at home with the help of your horse.