Smile to the future: Horses and Personal Development


OneHorseLife Official Guide to HAPPINESS and Personal Development with horses.

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Some years ago, when I was a little kid, just 4 or 5 years old, I dreamed of having a hamster.
I didn’t have to wait long, before my parents got me one.

My hamster felt so special to me. I remember spending all days observing him in his glass cage/aquarium. I loved him to bits. I knew his daily routines, and I hand-fed him fruits and pits.

In the meantime, I discovered my other new passion: stickers that came with the chewing gums.
It felt very natural to me to join my two great passions together – the hamster and the stickers.

I started to stick the stickers on my hamster’s aquarium. It felt nice.

The days passed by…

One day, I remember it as if it was yesterday, I woke up and I ran to observe my hamster as I did every morning.

I felt very surprised when I noticed that because of all the stickers I couldn’t see my little hamster through the glass walls of his aquarium. I felt like I had been tricked into all of this, and I started crying. I couldn’t believe that nobody told me that it is going to be like that, if I continue to put stickers on the aquarium. I could not understand how it could have happened – stickers felts so nice to be put on the aquarium.

But I wanted to see my hamster again.
I really wanted to see him through crystal clear glass, so I could watch him as he truly was.

My mother heard me crying, and came over. She gave me a big hug, and brought a plastic bowl with hot soapy water, and a little knife.

And I sat by my hamster’s aquarium, and with the help of my mother, through the tears, I started to remove sticker by sticker…. by sticker… by sticker…

Until I was able to see my hamster again.

This story, as trivial as it may sound, is a very powerful one.

This is my everyday life experience when I work with people and their horses.

When I meet a human – horse pair, I see their innocent dreams of unity, love and pure joy that comes from taking actions together, and fulfilling these actions in love and mutual understanding… beneath the layers of stickers that they started to stick on their and their horse’s True Selves as the time passed by…

These are the stickers of false convictions, of fear, of putting labels on themselves and their horses… These are the stickers put by other people who convinced my students that their horses are “this” or “that”, or even that my students are “this” or “that”…

It’s always a very moving moment for me.

Sometimes it feels that because of the layers of the stickers neither these people nor their horses know who they really are. Sometimes if feels like they are just one step away from realizing the truth about themselves and their horses… but they just don’t know in which direction to put their feet…

And then comes Calmness.

Calmness, that feels like the bowl with the warm soapy water.

Calmness, that comes with a knife of watchful observation, being truly present and able to notice the smallest details of reality, that is the manifestation of truth that is around us, and within us all the time.

And in Calmness they start to remove the stickers from themselves and from their horses.

One by one, by one… by one… by one…

And the truth and beauty about horses and people starts to shine through.

And it shines so bright, feels so light and happily warm that it changes the whole world into a better place.

This transformation carries a very special energy.
It acts on a very subtle level. The one that you don’t even notice. The one that you are not aware of.

But it is working.

SMILE TO THE FUTURE Book that is about such a change.

This Book is a very special one for me.

It is a recording of my and my husband’s teachings that we share with my students that come to us to train with us and our beautiful horses.

It is a guide towards Happiness and Self Development with horses. It is a guide towards Calmness and Smile.

Some of the recordings are longer, some of them are very short.

We prefer to keep short messages that are really important, so you can remember them and carry them with you in your heart when you go to the yard to visit your horse.

I really wish that the SMILE TO THE FUTURE Book brings you Calmness and Smile.

With Calmness always comes trust and love, and with trust and love there comes a smile.

And when you smile, you shine. You radiate the love and trust and Calmness that you have in you onto the others.

I really hope that after reading the SMILE BOOK your inner light will shine through the stickers that you may have put on yourself and your horse and that it will burn them in the light of your Calmness, love and trust – of your expanded awareness.

So that you can feel how it is to be yourself again.
Happy, innocent, full of love and light.

Crystal clear.

Fully aware of who you really are.