Next Level RIDING Course: From AWESOME to ATHLETE


Here we meet again for 30 RIDES from AWESOME to ATHLETE in order to make a revolutionary change in your horse’s strength, stamina, speed of the hind legs, and suppleness (all based and firmly rooted in Relaxation) to arrive by the end of this premium quality program at the athlete’s moving quality.

This program offers you a unique chance to see the making-of process of creating an equine athlete from a correctly moving horse. You will learn how to use our top-notch relaxation based training practices in order to sculpture an amazingly moving, strong and fast, but above all SUPPLE & RELAXED athlete who is content and satisfied in the work he does. It is going to be a HUGE BOOST of your Riding Technique.



We take off from where we have left in the Next Level Riding: From GOOD to AWESOME, and we move forward applying new training and riding plans. We are going to focus on building up your horse in 4 MAIN AREAS important for creation of an equine athlete:

  • STRENGTH: Everyone wants a strong horse. Dressage is a physically demanding sport for horses. But strength doesn’t have to come together with tightness and fatigue. Building-up strength can loosen up muscles, create more flexibility and suppleness, and result in a great balance. We firmly believe in that a strong body is a healthy and relaxed body, and that real strength originates from deep relaxation. In the riding sessions especially dedicated to building up strength of your horse, you are going to learn and experience first handed how to build strong hind legs and abdomen. These muscles are crucial for all dressage exercises, and a home of suppleness.
  • SPEED: Quick movement is the mother and father of balance. Without quickly moving hind legs the horse cannot execute high level dressage exercises. Speed of the hind legs of the horse is very much quality of movement which is inherited, nonetheless is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to know how to guide training sessions that will not SLOW THEM DOWN. Many trainers and riders worldwide still believe that you have to get an extraordinarily moving young horse in order to have a good or very good moving horse at the end of the training process. This is because many of the training & riding techniques USE UP and ABUSE natural predispositions of your horse. In this section, you are going to learn how to lead the riding sessions to preserve and develop your horse’s natural speed. We may not go here BEYOND of what is genetically given and possible for your horse, but we promise to get you both to the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM of what he is capable of! Here here to riding up to your true potential! After all, this is what the true dressage is all about.
  • STAMINA: Stamina gives you the possibility of doing something with total enegement for a certain amount of time. For dressage it’s crucial that the horse can stay within the frames of mental and physical optimal performance channel for at least 10 min. In this module, you are going to learn how to set special riding sessions dedicated to building up your horse’s stamina and ability to stay within the channel of optimal performance for the given duration of the time. No compromises. We are not going to lose neither speed, nor strength, emotional engagement, or focus.
  • TECHNIQUE: Top human athletes since years learn technique in separate training units. We will show you how to bring this important principle to your riding sessions, and how to build up a riding session focused on teaching and learning technical aspects of the sport. Sessions dedicated for technique will be both: for the horse and for the rider, you will learn how to learn new things together with your horse without compromising his focus, engagement or speed.

This course is A REAL MUST for every equestrian dreaming of moving up to the next level of her riding experience. My goal with this course is to share with you years of my experience of training and riding horses of different breeds, body builds, character / personality types, horses who are heavy & light, forward & stuck, horses who are extraordinary movers and those who are “just” regular horses, and to show you one method of riding that WORKS, and allows brilliance and individual talent of every horse to SHINE THROUGH. I am going to show you how to move, hand by hand, with your riding partner up to the level of athlete having FUN, staying RELAXED and being SUCCESSFUL all the way through.

On top of that, you are going to experience that horses simply LOVE to follow this method, and cannot get enough of it. It is simply because this is probably the first riding approach that is consciously built and constructed in such a way that is recognised by horses as the one bettering their health, and offering enormous mental comfort while increasing their access to strength, speed and stamina. A true Athlete should be strong, fast, emotionally and physically engaged, content and superbly relaxed.

Based on over 12 years of non-stop research on conscious muscle relaxation for horses and humans, here myself and my husband Pawel Marciniak have wrapped it all together into another step of riding journey that we wish to share with you and your horse!


  • 30 Day-To-Day Riding Tutorials,
  • Professional training plans dedicated to building up your horse’s potential in the areas of: Strength, Speed, Stamina, Technique resulting in superb sport performance,
  • 10 Weekly Webinars with Q&A Sessions (recorded and available for later viewing),
  • Access to Study Support Group.

Can’t wait to see you onboard of this SPECIAL COURSE!


Starting date: 

29th of MARCH 2021