Finding and Extending Natural Balance of the Horse: Self-Study Program


Finding and Extending Natural Balance of the Horse. A Practical Guide.

This Book contains the explanation and set of practical exercises to do with your horse from the ground and from the saddle. These exercises are designed to teach your horse how to collect in the proper way in all movements and transitions.

With these exercises you will be able to properly prepare your horse for all Grand Prix movements.

All concepts and exercises are thoroughly explained in the book and shown step by step in the videos, including videos showing the introduction phase with a 2yo horses and an advanced phase with a 9yo and 8yo horses.

This Book and set of exercises is especially dedicated as well to the young horses as to the advanced horses to help them find and extend their Natural Balance.

Format: E-Book with 200 step-by-step photographs, and with set of over 140 min video material.



Format: A Self Study Course in Natural Balance contains an E-Book with step-by-step photographs, easy to follow exercises and lessons guiding you day-by-day and experience-by-experience to discover together with your horse new levels of Balance, Awareness, Straightness and Strength. All supported with the set of nearly 2,5 h video material and over 200 step-by-step photographs.

Price: 290 Euro

Additional information: After the purchase you will get Online Access to the Natural Balance section of the website, where you will find your download-link to get your book and the video material. You can download all videos onto your computer disc and enjoy watching them also without Internet connection, or you can simply enjoy watching them directly from the website.

Getting the Finding and Extending Natural Balance of the Horse Self-Study Course grants you access to our special Secret FB Group. In this group you can ask me questions about the exercises, cues and about OneHorseLife Natural Balance material. I will happily advice and answer all your questions.

Buy this e-book. Skip that expensive clinic you wanted to go to, or skip your next several lessons, or just do whatever it is you have to do to afford to buy this book (I’m harping on this because the N.Z. dollar is so low at the moment that the cost of everything is almost double when it’s in U.S. dollars or Euros…..). This book is too important to pass bye. Buy it. Now.
Corey Mindlin, New Zealand
Totally agree with Corey… horse, human and life changing in ways you cant imagine until you dive in and live it!!!!!
Samantha Bolam, UK
Wow Anna, this book is truly amazing! I think I will be stuck at my table all day reading this book. It really confirms the feeling I have during trainings and how some thoughts about pushing a horse in a certain exercise or movement gives us the opposite of what we want.

I believe it can be very hard for people to read this book because we’ve often been told do to it in another way, but this is the only way to get a true connection with your horses. We always dream of dancing with horses, this book is the honest and most natural way to get there for you and your horse. A true gift, thank you Anna!

Klaartje Van Steen, Belgium