OneHorseLife FOAL CLASS: Self-Study Program




OneHorseLife Foal Class: Graduation video of Molly Young and Jameson

When I met Molly in my Foal Class I saw an experienced and skilled clicker trainer, with joyful and warm heart and a horse willing to do anything for her. They had the bond, the fun, and they trusted each other. Molly was preparing Jameson for the adult life thoughtfully and step by step, taking full advantage of the positive reinforcement and horse-friendly teaching techniques.

And yet something was missing…

The missing bit was Calmness and understanding of Molly’s role when with Jameson.
What was missing was understanding of how to support and nourish herself and her horse during the time they share, how to take all the beautiful things they do and bring them up to the next level, giving them deeper meaning and a bigger perspective.

What happened next was mind-blowing.

The change in Molly was incredible, and Jameson blossomed sharing with Molly the experiences and miracles of the Energy, Togetherness and Unity.

Molly started this Class with a horse that she could teach anything she could think of.
And she graduated being taught about Life by her beautiful young boy.

The fruits of their deepening connection followed and were beautiful:
Calm walk-canter departures on Energy, the Energy trot and early piaffer steps being just few of them…