Everything Starts From Calmness


Here, in this Book, I gathered for you information written to prepare my students for the changes that followed our Online Workshop. In seven chapters and with seven concepts that are presented here I wanted to tune their hearts and minds in such a way that our journey to the recognition of the Self would be possible.

Format: eBook, Further description below.



“As a teacher you can teach people how to move the paint brush.

But to help them to become artists you have to teach them to recognise who they really are.


You can know everything about the brushes and the paints. You can know everything about the canvas.
But to start painting you have to know WHO YOU REALLY ARE.


To start painting you have to have something to show others. To be inspired you need to stay connected with the world around as it really is. And to have successes you need to act in accordance with the Laws of Nature.


And it all starts with recognizing the True Nature of your Self.”


/Anna Marciniak

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With this pure intention and with this simple ideas in the back of my head in the beginning of 2015 I started preparing our first workshop at OneHorseLife.com/Anna.

Here, in this Book, I gathered for you introductions to the Workshop’s Modules that were written to prepare my students for the changes that followed.

I really believe that by recognizing who you really are you can become successful and fulfilled with your horses no matter your background, discipline or philosophy behind your everyday training. And this fulfillment and pleasure can expand on the other planes of your Life.

With my Workshop’s Students we experience it each and every single day… that to be successful they have to forget all world’s rules and liabilities and they need to recognize who they really are, first. And to learn and experience who they really are it’s possible through calmness and moments of silence with their horses.

When inaction becomes the most powerful action.

Today I give you this Book with the sincere hope that it will inspire you on your journey with your horses. And that maybe it will guide you further and help you to find out for yourself WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Good luck!

Hi Anna,

I just wanted to let you know that I finished reading ‘Everything begins with Calmness’ and it is beautiful and so absolutely resonant with how horses would like humans to be with them. I love how you begin with humans- BEING oneself and then progressively and sequentially guide us humans forward to understand the important laws of nature from the horses perspective.

You are amazing and it is my wish that all horse people will one day realise and choose to be with their horses in this way.

I wish you all the very best with your book and know that it will be a catalyst for changing the lives of many horses and humans!

All the best

Lee Anton
I have to say I have learned tremendously lot about my horses, and about myself (and the way these two minds meet) from the first two modules. And the calmness is not just a fraise – it is really the key to everything! The equestrian world these days is full of different training, methodologies, schools and disciplines but Anna‘s simple recipe -calmness is the one that resonates with me the most. Regardless what happens, stay calm and you will find a way. In its simplicity it is also very hard to learn as you need to ‘unlearn’ your old habits and battle with your ego. However, after these first two modules, my personal experience is that I have a completely new way to communicate with all my (4) horses. Youngest being just 1 week old when I started the training and oldest being 17 years. My spooky mare is trusting my calmness (in those moments I achieve the state of pure calmness) and behaves so logically. My fear is completely gone. Fear of accidentally hurting them, or getting hurt or not knowing what to do – that I just realised today! It all goes back to calmness and I will treasure this new bond with all my heart. I cannot wait to continue the journey in this course, and certainly on the coming courses Anna will arrange. Grateful is the word I have at the moment!
Sari Kaipainen, Findland/Spain
I can categorically, 100% recommend Annas new book in the post below. The book covers some of the modules we are covering on our Online Workshop. Anna makes you realise that everything in life is connected – including your horse, to your Self,to your job,to your kids, to the way u feel – EVERYTHING! Anna has a wonderful way of explaining how to create, achieve and find calmness in your life and to create a better way of life for your equine friend (and this sinks into every relationship of ur life). Well well worth it! Pls let me know how you enjoy it!
Bee. Cowboy Dressage World of South Africa
Bee Strydom, SA
Anna dzieli się swoją wiedzą, doświadczeniem i przede wszystkim miłością – przeczytałam, praktykuję, polecam! Warto!
Joanna Napiorkowska, Poland