Calmness Based Life


A Practical Guide

This book would not have happened if not for my horses.

Through the calm presence with my horses and non-judgmental observation, my horses taught me the new levels of Calmness and how they can be integrated in all the fields of our everyday lives. Today, I want to share with you my experience of calmness based life. This is the beauty of the knowledge originating from the inside, from the True You. When you are ready, the essence of the information is simply given to you by the Nature in such a way that within one second you know everything about the subject of your study and you are ready to share your knowledge with others.

I hope that this book prepares you for the experience of calmness based life. When you are ready, it will be simply given to you.

Have fun and grow!


Format: eBook, 82 pages, 18 practical chapters. Further description below.



FOREWORD by Kip Mistral, co-author of Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground:

When I learned that my friend Anna Marciniak was, with her husband Pawel Marciniak, publishing their book Calmness Based Life: A Practical Guide, it was natural to volunteer my services as a writer/editor to copy proof the content.

What I didn’t count on was becoming enthralled with the manuscript as I noticed the unique voice that draws the reader through the text. Simple, declarative, powerful language with a special glint in the eye…for instance, I asked Anna why she referred to “the Nature” instead of “Nature” as we do in English. She replied “The Nature is the exact being, the existing being, real and with its own laws. The Nature supports everything that lives and exists.” So we use “the Nature” for this reason.

As I worked through the book I realized how important it was to let Anna’s voice alone, to not change things I normally might edit, and just do the most basic copy proofing. And as I worked through, reading each word, digesting every sentence, I could feel the words changing me. They freed me. They made me understand a lot of things.

Anna’s words tell us to pay attention to ourselves, to stop judging, and let the Nature sort out the details. Anna’s words, amazingly, tell us that our only jobs are to learn to be calm so we can learn about our True Selves.

This is so opposite to what most of us are told. We are taught to keep busy, to do what our parents want, to do what our teachers want, to do what our employers want. To stay still and keep quiet, to draw neatly inside someone else’s lines. How many of us wind up with a life lived to make other people happy, having had in many cases felt forced to betray our unique ourselves? Is this not too great a sacrifice?

For then there is no real fulfillment, even if we can pay the bills and be dutiful in other ways. And if we are honest, one has to ask this question…what is really the point of this “unlived” life?

Ultimately, if we cheat ourselves, we cheat the world. And, indeed, all those people whom we tried to make happy.

So the first step is, Anna tells us, is to give ourselves permission to learn about ourselves, and that is the best gift of all.

I hope you enjoy this lovely book as much as I have, and will continue to enjoy as I keep reading it over time, as I practice learning to be calm and learning about my True Self.

Kip Mistral

June 27, 2015


Format: eBook, 82 pages,
18 practical chapters explaining step by step how to introduce calmness into your everyday life:

Achieving Calmness,
Pure Actions,
Calmness and Food,
Calmness and the Body,
Calmness and Change,
Calmness and Creativity,
Calmness and Knowledge,
Calmness and Integrated Life,
Calmness and Business,
Calmness and Feeling Safe,
Calmness and Wealth,
Calmness and Life Path,
Calmness and Energy,
Calmness and Awareness,
Calmness and Relationships,
Calmness and Helping other people,
Calmness and Enlightenment.

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Dear Anna,

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your book Calmness Based Life. I read it yesterday and had some profound realizations. I appreciate that it is not a ‘quick self help book’ but rather a reminder of how life should be lived.

As a person who struggles with anxiety and depression, Calmness is often the last thing that I am feeling, but your book helped me remember moments when I have been calm, and after reading it I have been able to achieve several moments of true Calmness.

When I read your chapters Calmness and Creativity and then Calmness and Knowledge, I have to admit my first reaction was to feel skeptical. How is the Nature able to share its infinite knowledge with us? I did not trust it. But, later in the day I experienced myself creating something that I’d never done before, and the only way I could have known what to do was to learn it from the Nature!

I want to thank you again for writing this book, and I really appreciate how it does not seem to really be ‘by’ you. You have just translated a bit of the Nature for us to be introduced to it, so that we can rekindle our own relationship with it, if that makes sense.

Much love, I am refreshed and excited to continue on my journey.


Reader from US
Truth…Anna Marciniak is great at expressing it! Her book, Calmness Based Life has changed my life for the way better.
I recently finished reading ‘A Calmness Based Life’ by Anna Marciniak. This is an amazing book and a very important one at that. I have been on my own spiritual path for 50+ years via yoga, some meditation and studying the teachings of different masters. I have never read a more inspiring, logical or common sense approach to life enrichment than this lovely book. I have had a life with horses and continue to teach success with horses to be a life enhancing experience. One of the core principles of my teaching is peacefulness when with horses. Peacefulness is so very important to the horse and us humans too. The way Anna introduces “Calmness” as extremely relevant for us in our lives, is superb. I strongly urge all horse lovers and truth seekers to stop seeking and read ‘A Calmness Based Life’ to begin to understand and receive the gifts of ‘Calmness.” I endorse and recommend this book. Franklin Levinson
Anna, I have just finished reading your book, and found it to be inspirational! The photographs are just stunning, and they say as much about you and your work as the words do. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of getting your book, to do so. It is a book full of wisdom and compassion, which highlights both the frailty and the strength of human beings, but most importantly it points to the tools necessary for change. Wonderful!
Una Hebden, USA
I am reading, Calmness Based Life, slowly, I am in love with page 30, it’s my favorite so far. I wanted to share an experience I had today. Anna writes about being aware without goals of changing the situation and change will come on its own and today when I walked our dog outside I got it. My whole childhood I looked for 4 leaf clovers. I never found one. I would spend hours looking through clovers but never finding a 4 leaf one. Now as an adult, I find them ALL the time. Just walking in the grass, and there one will be, out of nowhere, in with a millions of 3 leaf clovers. People ask me, how do you always find them, you are so lucky. No, I am no luckier than anyone else, but I have made myself AWARE to see them and then without even trying my eyes just automatically see them without my brain thinking about finding them. I get it now! Before meeting AAnna Marciniak reading her books and taking her programs I had no way to explain this, now I do and now I know how to apply her knowledge to my life!!
Bonnie Geary, USA
Calmness Based Life: This Book is wonderful. It’s is so beautifully wrote and the pictures are amazing! I have had such calmness just reading it. It’s so releasing to be able to have an amazing tool for life that shows us not just to not judge others BUT to not judge ourselves as well! Until I was aware of my own judgment on myself, I didn’t feel the pressure. Anna Marciniak, you are an amazing person and author. Thank you
Bonnie Geary, USA