Beautiful Piaffer


This Book is something unexpected to me. It was given us by Nature and it came to us in the most natural and effortless way. This Book’s purpose is not to show off other people’s accomplishments to make you think whether you like them or not, and how much they agree with what you have known before or what you believe in today.

This Book was written with the pure intention to inspire you to simply be with your horses and to not try to apply any artificial concepts of human mind to the Nature.

This Book’s purpose is to open you up for the experience of the true beauty and to remind you what the true beauty really is.

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The beautiful piaffer will come to you, and your horse will show it to you when you are ready.


Your horse will be ready for sure. You do not have to worry if your horse is ready for this moment. He simply will be, because he is part of the Nature. And as a part of the Nature your horse can provide to you all the support you will need in every given moment.


The only task you have is to prepare yourself.


But do not worry about this either. If you will open yourself for changes you will be ready.


If your intention is pure and innocent and when you are open for everything without judging and planning, everything will simply come to you.


There will come the moment, when you will see that your horse will do beautiful piaffer.


You will see this in him and you will see your role in this and this will be like a cake in the oven.

It will simply need some time.


True gems, each one of them!! I have the Everything Starts From Calmness and Beautiful Piaffer books, and they are full of beauty and grace and invites you to think deeply. Its not reading them. Its DIGESTING the text and wisdom and letting it sink. Takes me ages to “read” as each word is thought provoking and deserves full focus. So don’t expect a ‘novel’ you munch at one go, these books and images have depth you cannot simply gallop through. Thank you Anna and Pawel for sharing your inner wisdom with us!!!
Sari Kaipainen, Finland/Spain

I have now had the privilege of reading Beautiful Piaffer and It was exactly what I hoped for. Any one familiar with Annas teaching knows that this book won’t be a “cookbook recepie” that only support your mind. No, It’s about true beauty and consists of practical tips to support you on your journey to reconnect with nature so you can experience all the beauty around you. I’m a person who see true beauty in words and sentences and this book consists of it in both words and pictures, and I believe I’ll change a little for the better every time I read it. And I will re-read it anytime I get a little off-track and wish to get closer to nature.
Kajsa Janssen, Sweden
I read Beautiful Piaffer yesterday afternoon and was so moved by it. The book is so elegant and so easy to read. I started highlighting the words I needed to sink into my heart and pretty soon there wasn’t very many lines NOT highlighted or underlined. Lol. Everything you wrote applied for me. Thank you so much for this gift. I will reread it and reread it again. Thank you. I did have an “Aha” moment, it was when I read about Openness, “Actions have Intention but they have NO Goals!”
Bonnie Geary, USA